Monday, September 27, 2010

Heat Wave, Dental Horrors and a New Car! (Hopefully)

First of all thank you all my wonderful friends for wishing me a happy birthday! It really does mean a lot. Your comments made my birthWEEK amazing. (See that Erin, I totally adopted your word!)

Secondly, we are in the most ridiculous heat wave ever! Yesterday it was 109 and today it was 106. I envy all you ladies posting on your blogs how wonderful Fall is. Well, Fall has decided to hide from us poor Californians and Summer still reigns supreme. My poor friend who lives in downtown LA was dying today because it was 113. THIS IS CRAZY! It is literally Hell on Earth. I feel even worse for T. He heads for 29 Palms (the hellish Marine Corps base in the middle of the desert that no body likes) and if I live by the beach and it is 106 I can't even imagine how hot it is going to be in the desert.

So this week my goal will be to not die of heat stroke and pray T (and every one else out there) doesn't die either.

Today, unfortunately, I was unable to sit at my cool air conditioned desk all day. I had to brave the heat to go to the Dentist on my lunch break. During my routine cleaning they discovered a few cavities (NOOOOO!!) and my Dentist also told me I need braces. BRACES! How old am I?? But my wonderful dentist told me if I did get the braces she would give me ZOOM teeth whitening sessions for free. So that is something to think about. I have a consultation in 3 weeks, so I guess I'll seriously think about what the specialist had to say. She also informed me that I need to get my wisdom teeth removed. They are still inside the bone but they are pushing all my other teeth closer and closer together. I will be getting my mouth sawed into in two weeks. I am actually really scared. Pray for me.

AND! While driving around in my little red wagon (well it's a Ford Focus Sedan, but little red wagon sounds much cooler.) I decided. I really want a new car and I say want because I really don't need it. My plan was to drive the focus until it fell apart. Well it still has plenty of years on it but it is not very practical anymore. It made an awesome first car (thanks Mom and Dad!) but now I think it is time for something that fits more of me. Something that's a tad more updated than my window crank, manual lock Focus.

So I am saving up for this beauty:
The new Ford Explorer. I showed it to T and he said "Now that is a respectable car", and I totally agree. Us being the Ford Family that we are, we think it is absolutely perfect. It seats 7 AND gets 25 mph. Need I say more? It'll be the perfect car to grow into. Especially when we decide to add little additions to our family. Not to mention, it will also make driving to Las Vegas, St. George and Salt Lake much more comfortable. (We have been doing that a lot lately and traveling long distances in my car isn't the most comfortable, but my car gets way better MPH than T's so it is always the car we take).

So being the control freak I am, I crunched some numbers. After the trade in or sale value of my car and about 5 months of saving I will be able to have a sizable down payment AND still have a nice amount in the savings account (which is EXTREMELY important to me).

We will see what happens! I am really hoping to purchase my lovely Explorer soon. One of the many things I am looking forward to!

Have an amazing week all you wonderful Ladies (and Gents).

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yes, It Is Still My Birthday...

So you are probably sick of me blogging about my birthday. Well, one more birthday post and you wont hear anything else for another year, promise. I am officially no longer a teenager! I guess I am an adult. They say that happens when you are 18 but I believe it is all lies. I cannot get into a club/ bar (like I would want to anyway. I do not pollute my body with alcohol but If I am an adult shouldn't I have the choice?) most importantly I cannot go on a cruise without my parents (all my efforts planning a post deployment cruise for T and I was thwarted. Apparently am incapable of carrying on in a sensible manner on a cruise because I am not 21.).

How did I get on this tangent?

Anyway, on the day of my birth (September 23rd) T surprised me at work with these beauties: 

My boss thought it was so cute she let me leave work early to spend the rest of the day with him. Then he did the unthinkable. He cooked me dinner! Now, the second I heard him say "Okay babe, how do I boil the noodles?" I thought we would be in trouble but dinner turned out pretty tasty!

Now for some more pictures, Friday I made some yummy Tacos after I got off work and we watched "The Prestige". Who knew a movie about magic could be so good?!

 On Saturday we were supposed to take my nephew to the Aquarium but T's Mandatory Fun Day screwed those plans over (seriously, is anyone else's plans getting ruined by these mandatory fun days??). So on Saturday we took the little guy to Seaport Village in San Diego and Coronado Island. (I had to hide the camera from the little guy because he wanted to play with it the whole time so I don't have lots of pics..tear.)
Then today we went to the Aquarium where you can touch sting rays, baby sharks, star fish, sea cucumbers, everything! Most of the little kids were much more brave than I was. I was far too scared to touch half the creatures there.
 Afterwards  we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and it was freaking awesome. It is our favorite movie and the restaurant is so fun! The Waiter comes around and asks you trivia about the movie and if you get it all right you get water on the house. Hahah so funny!

On the way back I fell asleep, apparently with my mouth open because I awoke to T's Zune in my mouth. (Great wake up call huh?). But I forgave him because we were heading to the mall where he took me shopping. Seriously, I don't think he can get anymore perfect. It was an amazing birthday weekend!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting to Know You! (And By You, I Mean Me)

I have been blogging a lot lately (Erin are you happy and entertained? This is all for you! <3). So I have been tagged in in two "Getting to Know You" questionnaires by two lovely ladies at Living the Life and Sailor's Sweetheart. Since their questions are different I shall answer a little bit of both.

(Just in case you haven't seen the numerous pictures of me on my  blog. There I am to the right, and yes I dress like that all the time *wink*)

1. What is one piece of advice you've been given, mantra, etc. that you live by?
"Be faithful unto death and I shall give you the crown of life." ~Revelation 2:10

2. Are you more of a neat freak, anything BUT a neat freak or somewhere in between?
I am not necessarily the neatest or most organized  person ever but I HAVE to keep everything clean ALL THE TIME. I am very afraid of getting a parasite through my hands from all the things I touch in a day. I also need things to stay where I put them. If someone moves something of mine I freak out. I also hate people using my things without asking. It makes me anxious and upset. I am supper possessive (or crazy, whatever you'd like to call it) like that.

3.  What is your idea of a perfect day?
Well I would sleep in until noon or 1pm (hopefully it'll be rainy and cold outside. These are the only days I enjoy crappy weather.). I'll make myself some hot chocolate and some breakfast, flip on the fireplace (yes, my fireplace can be flipped on like a light) and read a good book or magazine OR watch Turner Classic Movies while cuddling with T.

4.  What is one place in the world you have always wanted to visit and why?
Greece! One day T and I will be able to go. It is so beautiful, serene and full of history. AND I LOVEEE  Greek food so it would be amazing to experience authentic Greek tastiness on my tastebuds. 

5.  If you could tell one person who is no longer in your life something, what would it be?
"Grandpa Alfonzo, even though I never met you I always have, and always will love you."

6. Are you someone who wants a great big family or a small family?
Well, I want right around 8 kids myself. I think having only one sibling conditioned me to want a large family. I have to convince T a little on this one.

7. What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship?
Understanding. I think it is most important to be able to sympathize with your partner to truly understand whatever situation they are in and how they see it from their point of view. This way it is easier to talk situations out and compromise all while being tactful and without hurting any one's feelings.

8. What is your favorite childhood memory?
When I was young my dad worked nights and my mom worked days. So during the day my dad took care of my sister and I. It was one summer I think where my dad signed me up for "Mommy and Me" swimming classes to teach me how to swim. On the first class my dad got in the pool with and swam around holding me. A mother went up to him and said "You know this is a Mommy and Me class right?" and he said "Yes" and kept swimming with me. I love my dad!

I like this list so much that any of you ladies who would like to answer these questions have at it!

(I know, that is kind of a cop out but I really do like this list of questions and I am far too tired to think of some new ones)

On another note Nicole at Sailor's Sweetheart  passed along an award to me! I have already received this award in the past  so take a look here to see who I passed it along to!

Blood Drive!

Earlier today I gave blood at the Red Cross Blood Drive
at Saddleback College. While there I was truly inspired. I gave a pint of my blood which will in turn save 3 people.. I also registered in the Bone Marrow Registry in hopes that I can further help someone in need. Doing something so selfless led me to really realize how important it is to donate, blood, bone marrow and organs. With your willingness to do something so selfless someone can cherish one more year with their dying daughter or a whole lifetime with their once ailing father. Please, come donate blood today and tomorrow.

Somebody’s child, mother, father, or loved one will be forever grateful. The Blood Drive
will be at Saddleback College in SSC 212 from 8am-8pm TODAY and TOMORROW. You can save a life. You can make a difference.

P.S For all you ladies and gents who do not live in the area find your local Red Cross and please donate. I never realised how much you can change someones life by giving 40 minutes of your time.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Snoop(y) and My (early) Birthday!

So I am going to start off this post by saying, I am a snooper. I cannot help it. It is apart of my need to be in control and my craving to know everything. Before you go and think I am THAT kind of girlfriend, I must tell you, I openly snoop around and TJ (and around everyone for that matter) he knows I read texts, call logs, and bank statements. (Oh my gosh, I sound psycho don't I?) Anyhow, today I got in trouble for snooping when I WASN'T EVEN SNOOPING! I found out what was going on with my ring (Sort of) because his dad accidentally told me something about my diamond and then T was asking me ton of questions. So I put two and two together and figured it out.

Well, last night I told his mom I knew what was going on (this may have been my mistake, I should have kept my mouth shut) and this made T mad (he said he wasn't mad, but I don't know if I believe it). He said that I lied to her to get information (which I didn't) and that I need to stop snooping (which I agree but  I totally wasn't snooping this time!).  He also said that I wasn't supposed to know because it was a surprise. Anyway, my argument is. I pretty much knew what was happening and I found out by being smart and piecing together information not snooping. Plus. It will be a surprise regardless. I still have no clue when he is actually going to propose (which is driving me CRAZY by the way) so I didn't ruin anything. Or did I? I don't know, I feel kind of bad now. What do you think?

Now on to my 20th birthday picnic! Since my birthday is this Thursday and my parents will be out of town
(for my Uncle's funeral and for a family function) we celebrated this weekend with my family. We had a picnic at Salt Creek Beach then we had cheesecake and presents at my house. I love simple family parties like this. So relaxing. My wonderful family gave me new shoes (Dr. Scholls makes super cute shoes! Super comfy too!), a new purse, stockings, pedicure set, and gummy vitamins. Yes gummy vitamins, as my mom put she was giving me the gift of health. TJ even got presents too!

 (HAHA! I love the goofy look on my dads face!)

(Birthday Wishes)

(The Gummy Vitamins! P.S Notice how T is rubbing my feet. Pure perfection.)

 (The Family)

(My wonderful, beautiful, perfect mother)
(It was perfect outside. Too windy for Frisbee but perfect nonetheless)

Overall it was a great birthday. This weekend TJ and I will be having another birthday celebration with just us. Fun, Fun!!

Hope you all are having a great week!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Road Rage

So on my way home tonight I almost died (or got seriously injured, but judging by the weight and make of my car and the others I probably would have died). As I was on the freeway, merging into the left lane (signal on and everything) this jerk in a minivan comes speeding up into my lane on path to careen into me. As I jerk my car to the right I almost sideswipe the innocent driver in the neighboring lane. I lay on my horn, the other driver I almost hit, laid on their horn and the minivan sped off like the freaking idiot that he (or she) was. Seriously people, slow down and pay attention. You don't want to be ending someone's life before they even get the chance to begin it (myself included).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Death is an Interesting Thing....

Death is an interesting thing.Sometimes it takes death to put things into perspective, to make you truly think about how important family is. Tuesday night my Uncle, my Mom's oldest brother, was found face down in his home. An hour or so later his heart stopped at the hospital and he was unable to be  revived. My mom cried. Hard. I haven't heard her cry that hard since her Dad died over a decade ago. Her brother had died and she felt guilty for going so long without talking to him. They talked for the first and last time, last week over a long absence of communication. As my sister and I held her tight while she sobbed she said to me and my sister, "Never leave each other. Always remain together and apart of each others lives."

I have only seen my Uncle Rupert a handful of times, and those handful of times I barely remember. I am upset that I am not close to my family. I makes me sad to think Uncle Rupert probably had a faded memory of me too. I feel pain for my mom who lost her brother. I shed a tear for my Grandmother who had to loose a  husband and now a son to sudden death. But through this morbid situation I have come to realize how important it is to be close to family. I need to always remain tight with my sister, although we have our ups and downs. I need to always remain best friends with my parents because they won't be around forever (just thinking about that brings tears to my eyes). I need to start a journey to get to know my massive extended family (half of which I have never even met). Because of this tragic loss of my Uncle I was able to learn an invaluable lesson and I now see the importance of family, nuclear and extended.

Thank you Uncle Rupert for sharing one last lesson with me.
I'll see you on the other side one day.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Las Vegas and T's Birthday Surprise

I am so exhausted from traveling. I can't wait for this weekend where I get to sit, relax, and lounge in my underwear all day. Vegas was fun, definitely not as fun as it could be, but Sherrie (T's mom), Troy (T's dad) and I have discovered a new love. PAWN SHOPS!

Now before you think they are totally trashy, I agree, they are, but there is some good stuff to be found at great prices. We looked for diamonds, and had no real luck, but Sherrie found the ring of her dreams. It was pretty beautiful, almost 4 carats total weight for a good 70% off retail. Sadly, she had to walk away from the ring of her dreams. Since I didn't find the diamond I was looking for T is just going to get everything through Robbins Brothers. I am super exciteddd!

 (I love this picture. Who new such a beautiful fountain could be in a hotel lobby?)

While we were there we also did some hotel hopping, we saw Penn & Teller (they are so funny, the whole time the tell you magic is not real and then they do magic that blows your mind!) and Sherrie and Troy  went to see Cher's last Vegas Performance. Apparently she is as sexy and amazing as she was 40 years ago.

Since the weekend didn't go the way T really would have liked (his Uncle and Cousin left last minute, without telling any one in advance, and spent half Saturday, the only whole day we had to spend with each other, at the Temple. That was quite upsetting to T.) we are going back to "Do Vegas Right" during his Thanksgiving 96. I can't wait to see that is in store for this round in Sin City. (Even though we really do no sinning while we're there.)

(I love this photo of T and his dad. Such a loving moment.)

On another note, T just got his birthday present from me last night. Care to see what it is?

That's right. A 55 inch, Samsung, LED,  flat screen TV. I like to think of myself as the best girlfriend ever. (Humble huh?) He calls the TV our baby and I must say, I love this thing like a child, just as he does. I was planning ways to surprise him with it and every plan I had fell through. Finally I just had to take him to Best Buy myself (which I was slightly sad about) but he was super excited regardless. I love this man so much, (even though he can be a poopy head sometimes) he totally deserves it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Epic Fail, 21st Birthday and Engagement Ring Bliss!

Epic Fail:
I am sitting in an empty classroom (well minus myself and some English guy to my right) wallowing in my epic fail moment. I thought I was getting to class an hour early today, so I could sit in silence and finish and assignment I know will not get done this weekend. As I finish the assignment about 45 minutes after I arrive I find it odd that my classmates are not here yet. Usually my obscenely huge Statistics class (with 100 students and 90 seats) fills up relatively early. As I REALLY start to ponder what the crap is going on here I realize, my class starts at 7 not 6! What is wrong with me? I had time to go and get dinner and maybe take a nap, but NOOO I had to have a major brain fart the day when I need food and a nap the most.

21st Birthday & Engagement Ring Bliss:
At least this'll give me some time to catch up on my bloggy friends on what's been going on in my neck of the woods (even though I am having this strange suspicion my blog is being boycotted... maybe I am just being paranoid?). This past weekend was very relaxing. I spent it all with T because it was his 21st birthday! He is so old, and in 2 weeks I will be 20, an even scarier thought. Anyway, we stayed local and on the day of His birthday we went to Robbins Brothers, where he let me pick the ring of my dreams ( I am serious, I asked what price range should I stay in and he said, "Price doesn't matter baby, pick the one you love." Oh my gosh, isn't that boy a keeper??) So I found this BEAUTIFUL Tacori ring. There are no words to even describe it, I put it on and my hands started to shake, it was the ONE. Now, the next steps are to look for the perfect diamond (this weekend we will be in Vegas so we will browse to find a good deal on a loose, princess cut, diamond of love), and then it will be official proposal time!! I am so freaking anxious. I want it around my finger NOW!

Then on Sunday we went to Universal Studios. Sadly I didn't bring my camera so I have no pictures (It actually turned out as a blessing, the first ride we went on we got soaked! And that is no exaggeration). We had fun there, the back lot tour is our absolute favorite. We left sort of early but we spent the rest of the day eating, cuddling and watching "Billy the Exterminator". Does it get any better than that?

Sadly, my plan for his birthday present slightly fell through. I was planning on buying him something extraordinary and surprising him with it a couple days before his actual birthday, but that didn't happen for a particular reason ( I cried and cried, I had everything all planned out, and I was crushed I couldn't make it happen) but I will be surprising him with it sometime soon and he will be amazed! 

I shall share more news as it comes in! I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week and weekend. I'll be sending my love from Las Vegas (seems like Vegas has become our second home lately)!


Deployment Survivor!

I am a PROUD deployment survivor. Although T and I talked extensively about the hardships of deployment before he left, nothing could prepare me for the stresses, the trials, and the tribulations of deployment. The weeks prior to D-Day, as I like to call it, I was in denial. There was no way to convince myself that he was actually leaving. It definitely hit us the hardest the night before D-Day. As I sat with T, helped him pack his sea bags, and med bags it was impossible to hold back the tears. At the end of our last night together he crawled into bed with me he began to sob as he held me tight. (Shh, don't tell him I told you that, he'd kill me. Our little secret?) I knew at that moment this would be one of the hardest experiences to date and the ultimate test to our relationship.

Day one I was a wreck. Day two I was even worse. Day three I was mush, unable to concentrate at work or school. Day four I was a zombie from staying up all night and crying. (Don't worry, I wont go on a daily itemized list of how devastated I felt, you've all been there, you know.) One day I had am epiphany. This deployment is an OPPORTUNITY for us, a stressful opportunity, but an opportunity none the less.

For the duration if his deployment I learned how to be someone else's support system as well as my own. I learned that the saying reigns true, absence DOES makes the heart grow fonder. I fell more and more in love every day. I learned that this life would never be easy but love will always trump the hardships.  I learned to never take any moment for granted. Every minute on the phone and e-mail sent was cherished and every love letter was saved. I found a wonderful Mil spouse/ SO community that had supported me through every phase of deployment. I took the opportunity to get close to T's family. Talking all the time and flying out to see them twice during deployment bonded us tight and for that I am very thankful. To top it off, I grew tremendously as a person. I always viewed myself as a strong, independent, and dare I say flawless, woman, but during and after deployment I was that women times ten. My strength and faith in God to keep T safe grew exponentially. I also learned how to be the same in dependant women while DEPENDING on others to keep T safe and help me through the hard times.

Before I knew it, I was getting into a groove. I got used to writing letters every day, sending packages every month and waking up at 3am to a tired, haggard but loving voice on the other line. And then soon enough he was home! (Click the linky for the full homecoming story!) I can keep going on and on but for the sake of time (baby girl is napping, this time is precious to get some stuff done!) all I can say, is our first deployment was a true blessing. While I was waiting at the Motor Pool for the buses to roll in, the sense of accomplishment took over me. WE BOTH ARE DEPLOYMENT SURVIVORS. Our relationship stood the ultimate test, and WE PASSED! Now we know we can make it through any situation we may face in our life together.