Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Need Your Advice!

I am really annoyed today. T and I were planning a weekend in Big Bear, then we decided to just stay home and relax THEN his friends wanted to go camping. I like camping but to be 100% honest I am sick of hanging out with his friends. It is all we do. We NEVER do anything with mine. You may think I am exaggerating, but it is the truth. Before he deployed none of my friends ever met him. Then when he came back we went to dinner with 4 of my friends. Where he said only about two words the whole time. Anyway, last night he told me he was not going to go. That we were going to fix his truck and take care of some business. INSTEAD his friends get upset that hes not going. He tells me he wants to go. Annoyed I tell him to "freaking go". So he is camping and I am here. As much as I don't want to be upset about it, I am. I feel like our relationship is VERY one sided. I have even talked to him about it and nothing has changed.

Any Advice?  I can really use some right now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tampons, Temecula and Some More Bloggy Love!

 I am obsessed with the new Kotex U commercials, Here, and my personal favie Here. (I would embed them but I can't seem to re-size them accordingly)

These adds are exactly what I was thinking! Why are Tampon adds so obnoxious? I am already forced to buy these things anyway so lay off the dancing, partying and tennis playing in white skirts. It is completely unnecessary, mildly offensive and one hundred percent ridiculous. I must say, whoever is working in advertising at Kotex, good job, because these commercials make me want to purchase Kotex U, just because they call out the other feminine care companies on their B.S

Enough about tampons, and onto our weekend. This weekend was nice and relaxing. TJ and I were planning on just relaxing in Oceanside when hotel after hotel was booked. EVERYTHING from Oceanside, San Diego and even Fallbrook was booked up. Apparently, Comic Con is a big deal and people come from far and wide to go to this convention, and book up all the hotels in a 70 mile radius. So we were pushed into Temecula for our relaxing weekend, which ended up being an excellent choice. We stayed right outside of this lovely place:

Beautiful Old Town Temecula. I love me any old town of any kind. They have so much character, and are so vibrant. They also had the cutest Farmers Market that we explored on Saturday. Being in Temecula further solidified the though I've been having of moving away. I want to move away. I feel like I would be so much happier in a new town, possibly in a new state. TJ says it's because I am ready to move on in my life, and I really think that is it. Unfortunately it is not that easy. Why move away when I would have to move back in a year anyhow? I guess one can dream.

On a lighter note Kelsey at Far from the Safe Harbor has given me an award! It makes me happy to know she was thinking about me when she received the "One Lovely Blog" award, and she was nice enough to pass it on. So I suppose I shall conjure up some facts about me that you don't know already:

One: I take hour long showers because it is the only part of my day where I have complete solitude.

Two: Last night TJ woke up because I was sleeping an odd way. As he peered at me to see how I was sleeping I simultaneously rolled over, opened my eyes and screamed because I thought he had been staring at me all night like a zombie. My screaming scared him so much he pulled the covers over his head to hide. It was quite a bizarre moment, but makes a funny story a day later.

Three: I HATE wearing closed toed shoes, especially sneakers. I feel like a big foot clown and can hardly walk in them. I like my toes free to wiggle around and feel the air.

Four: On Friday I think God saved my life. I was stopped at the intersection, the first car in the far left lane, waiting for the light to turn green. As I waited at the red light I went looking for something in my glove box, when I looked up again my light had turned green but something told me to put the papers back in my glove box before I go. As I take the second to close my glove box a black car comes flying through the intersection and collides with a Cox Communications truck. Both cars fly off each other, and the black car flies into the stopped traffic. Both cars were smashed into unrecognizable parts. If I hadn't taken the extra seconds to close my glove box, I would have been smashed and mangled into pieces. Someone was looking out for me.

That is all I can think about that I haven't stated in previous bloggy love posts. And as I see that many of you lovely ladies have received this award already I shall give this to anyone who has not yet received this fantastic award!

Oh and before I forget! TJ picked up an "Early Promote" on his evaluation Friday. He was all worried about it, but as always it turned out great. I am so very proud of him!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let the Aisling Begin!

I just watched documentary on Hulu named American Shopper. I first thought this would be a chronicle of how shopping and supermarkets have changed throughout the years. Boy was I wrong. It is about this sport called Aisling. For the many of you that don't know, Aisling is the art of grocery shopping with style, grace, rhythm and will.

This part documentary, part fiction (I had to do some research, I could not tell if I was watching a mock documentary, or if this was the real deal. I found out the main character, Aisling's inventor Johnathan, is an actor, but everyone else is real. Their passion for Aisling is real, their drive to win is real, and the competition is real.).

After watching this, funny and strangely inspiring documentary, I had the biggest smile on my face. The beginning is weird and at times very awkward (to the point I skipped a few minutes. So much social awkwardness it was making me feel uncomfortable.)  but the fresh, moving and tearful ending made all the awkward moments extremely worth it. Not to mention, who doesn't love people dancing up and down aisles at the grocery store? If your having a lazy day or lounging around looking for something to watch. Pull this up. You'll be emotionally moved and you'll have a good laugh.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog Bash!

It's time for a blog bash! Miss Brittany at Not Your Average Teen  is hosting a linkly loo on her page. Naturally, I love these things so I figured "Hey, why don't I do this on my lunch break?" So here I am on my lunch break, blogging. Addicted much? Perhaps.

So here's my intro post!

1. Why do you blog/ How long have you been blogging?  
I blog because I love it! I started up this blog about a year and a half ago. It began as apart of leadership training for school, but I started to dedicate more time to it when my lovely Boyfriend deployed to Afghanistan, October of 2009 to May of 2010. It was a nice way to one, vent about my frustrations and two, keep him posted about my life (when he had access to a computer he would look up my blog and read up on what I've been doing. It kept us close when we were seas apart.). Through the Deployment I had the chance to meet a wonderful, and supportive bloggy community that I never plan on losing.

2. What do you blog about?
I blog about my life in general. Going through deployments, college, being apart of the office workforce, and adventures on my free time.  Sometimes I throw in a recipe or two, and maybe a philosophical post here and there.

3. What do you find to be the biggest reward you get from blogging?
I think the biggest reward is the fact that you have the opportunity to meet wonderful bloggy friends.  Although, they are all spread across the nation, we all share some sort of common bond. So I must say, the biggest reward is being able to be apart of the wonderful blogger community.

4. Let's hear the story behind your blog title! :) 
 Well, at first my blog title was simply "Delainey" and I figured, that doesn't do justice to my blog at all. After all, a book is usually judged by it's cover. So I oomphed it up to "Life as I know it". Seeing that I mostly talk about my life, it seemed very fitting.

Blog Bash

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things that make me Unhappy

1. Un-invitation?! I was supposed to go camping with TJ and his friends this weekend in the Redwoods and guess who was Un-invited yesterday. Me. Apparently they want it to be a boys weekend. So after my un-invitation, and my official distaste for "boy’s weekend", I am on a quest to have a great weekend of my own. Actually, I'll finally have some ME time, and some time with my friends. So all in all, I know this weekend is going to be perfect. Oh, and TJ is making this up to me BIG TIME, if he doesn't he is going to feel my wrath.

2. Weight Gain?! Ew gross. So for a little back story, I have been generally the same size for the past 4 years EXCEPT FOR NOW! I don't own a scale so I rarely weigh myself unless I am babysitting (they own a scale) and unless I am going skydiving (more on that later) but going off the past 2 weigh-ins I've gained 13 pounds in the past two months. Right around the time TJ came home I was at 107. Pretty much the norm. But when we went skydiving, if it wasn't enough to tell them my weight, they had to throw me on a scale for "safety reasons" which I am sure was to shame all women who, consciously or unconsciously, lied about their weight in the first place. So on that wonderful scale at Skydive Elsinore 120 flashed across the digital screen and one single tear rolled down my cheek. (Not really, I just wanted to create some dramatic effect.) So to remedy this flabby stomach solution, because that's where most of my fatty, fat decided to stick, that and my boobs. But let's be honest, I like my boobs, pre and post fatty, so who cares about that. Anyway, for the fall I enrolled in a 3 day 6:30am to 7:30am cycling/spinning class. Apparently cycling kicks some serious butt, so I am hoping it can kick the fat of my stomach, and I can loose those 13 pounds in 16 weeks.

3. Nancy Drew?! On Friday, Amanda gave me the Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister PC game. You go around solving puzzles and talking to people in order to solve a mystery just as Nancy would. It is so much fun! (Yes, I am playing a Nancy Drew PC game in my free time, don't judge me haha) So I am playing on JR Detective level (haha, yes once again, don't judge) and the puzzles are so freaking hard! How is it that I cannot figure out puzzles made for a 10 year old?! It's really stressing me out; I want to unveil the mystery!

Lame... Everything is Lame...

Much Love,

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Night Smackdown!

Happy Monday! So I must say, today is an excellent day(with the exception of a few things that I'll touch on in another post). Why you ask? Well, Housewives of New Jersey is on tonight! And the episode is going to look a lot like this:
OOO I am extremely excited! My mom, sister and I have even made tonight into our Housewives Party Extravaganza, very similar a Superbowl Sunday party, except with more shanking, police involvement and much better food (Mediterranean civiche and wild mushroom and herb couscous. Yumm, thanks Ashley!) .

I feel like such a goob but I am ADDICTED to this show. It's just like that car wreck on the 5. You cant look away even though your thinking, I need to keep driving. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I must admit, most of the TV I watch is pretty trashy IE: any of VH1's "...Of Love" shows (Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, Daisy of Love). Need I say more?  Trashy TV is my guilty pleasure, and Real Housewives (of Orange County, Atlanta, New York & New Jersey) definitely fits the tacky and tasteless requirement for my viewing pleasure.

Happy Monday Folks!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

And I 'm Freeee, Free Fallin...

First of all, I should be starting my 8 page paper on Bronfenbrenner's Ecological and Socioculture Theory  (which is due in two days) but instead I am going to write about my skydiving adventure! Blogging seems such more fun than the alternative, and I know you all are DYING to watch my skydiving video =]

 Now please excuse my lack of makeup and my frazzled hair. Oh, and that HIDEOUS cone head cap they forced me to wear. Skydiving is definitely not a stylish  activity but insanely fun nonetheless.

It all started a week ago when TJ called me up at work and said "Here's the plan, were going skydiving on Friday, be ready." and to that I said "Okay, you skydive, and I'll watch." We ended up not going that Friday (which I was very happy for, because no way I was going to jump out of a plane), but TJ and three of his buddies decided to mix it in with their Fourth of July extravaganza. Since they all had 72's and I had Monday off, Monday, July 5th was the day! I even told my boss about it. She said she went skydiving when she was my age and had a blast. So I decided, well, If I am ever going to do something crazy, now would be the time. So off we went to Lake Elsinore to strap up to some men and jump out of planes.

Of Course, TJ and I

The Guy strapped to my back...yup you heard me right

Scratco taking a dive!

Looking down from 12,500 feet

Dear Lord, Please keep me alive....

Pulling the chute, and shooting up into the air,
was the scariest part


 There are no words to describe how amazing that 
whole experience was

Wait, what, and there's video! Yes, there sure is. (I, and when I say I, I mean TJ, is going to put music on this later.)

It was one of the best experiences, exciting, scary and invigorating. EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THIS at least once in their lives. It is definitely worth it.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Where have I been?!  I have been on the go all this weekend, and although it had its ups and downs, this 4th of July holiday was pretty darn excellent. Among the many events of this weekend extravaganza I went SKYDIVING!!!! I will do a real post about it soon (when my video comes in from Skydive Elsinore). Hope you all had a merry weekend celebrating our wonderful nation's independence!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Patience Is (NOT) My Virtue

 I have been debating on whether to write this post or not, so I am going to write it, and if by the end I feel like not sharing it, I'm going to delete it. Nothing really bad is going on, I am just getting a tad impatient. Teedle and I have been talking about marriage for a LONG time now. We've talked about getting married before he deployed, right when he got back, and a year from now (for a little back story, TJ's best friend in the whole entire world is on a Mission and has one more year left. They would never get married without each other so when we were thinking about getting married before/after deployment it would have been a court wedding, followed by a "real wedding" when his best friend returns in May 2011). Now it is set, were getting married in a year (right when his best friend gets back).

Now you may be asking, so what's the problem here? The problem is, the lack of something silver and shiny on my left hand. STOP! Before you think I'm being completely ridiculous here, don't worry, I think I am being ridiculous too! I think what is really bugging me about this situation is that I am completely out of control. When I want something I make it happen, but this is not exactly that type of situation. Not to mention I HATE surprises. The whole idea of being out of the loop drives me nuts! I know he is going to "officially" propose, he has told me he is going to "officially" propose, we even went and looked at rings! I just don't like the fact that I have to wait. I feel like I need to find one of my books from childhood entitled Patience is a Virtue and read it over and over. I need to stop being so impatient!

Okay,  my rant/venting session is over.