Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Okay! Cornfest has come and gone and I have come to the realization that I never want to go back again. BUT before I get into that I would like to update you on my feelings (yawnnn). Seriously though, it wont be that boring I promise. I am feeling so much better!!! I still don't have any friends down here but I am occupying my time with school and I have also picked up a few odd jobs here and there (so I can stop feeling useless). Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that I am pretty darn happy.

So you are probably wondering about the Cornfest. Well, let me just say it was the most miserable weekend of my life. First, we drove the truck in which the AC was broken in. We thought that we would be okay because on the way there we would mostly be traveling at night. The whole ride looked a lot like this...

Except WORSE. The tempature did not decrease as the night wore on, it INCREASED. At one point in was 110 degrees outside. No AC, 110 degree heat, leather seats equals most miserable car ride EVER.

So we get to Enterprise Thursday night and Friday we go straight to work husking, shucking, bagging and freezing corn so we can take home. That wasn't too bad, Courtney, Gina and I had a good time laughing and telling jokes. But I was pretty annoyed that T was ignoring me the whole time. This is what he does when he gets around his cousins and uncle. He completely ignores me and enters this LALA land with them.

Saturday was the actual Cornfest, and this day is stressful in general. Everyone is broken into groups and given tasks in 2 hour rotations. To make a long story short everyone is always mad at each-other at one point or another for "not working". And this year it really got on my nerves. I have come to the conclusion that I don't want to drive 8 hours, spend $200 in gas and work very hard all weekend to be in the midst of drama and to have people mad at me for "not working" and to have my husband TOTALLY ignore me.

On the plus side though, Courtney, Gina and I had a fun time exploring Enterprise, walking across the dam in the pitch black dark, finding cougars (the actual animal, not the man hunting old ladies), and trying to catch crawfish. If Courtney and Gina did not come with me I would have wanted to kill myself.

Once Sunday we rolled around I was quite excited to head home. We ghetto rigged the AC so it could blow semi cold air so we were able to ride with the windows up and in a semi cold car which was awesome. But then about 20 miles outside of Barstow we ended up getting a flat tire. So I wake T up and pull off to the side of the road. We hop out, him to fix the tire and me to keep him company.

 Of course it was 106 degrees outside, so T was a crabby patty the whole time. He pulled the flat tire off the car and threw it. But of course the tire lands tire side up and rolls down a hill. So me in my sandals track down this hill to push the tire back up. Naturally the tire lands in a pricker bush, so my feet and hands are getting cut up while trying to pick up this tire AND to top it off the tire is scalding hot! It was just a terrible experience all around! We were sooo happy to get home!

I am thankful for the tons of corn we now have in our freezer...

and for the corn I brought back for family and friends, but I am dead set on never going again...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting Ready for the Corn!

First I would like to thank all you wonderful ladies that commented on my last post. Your kind words and advice really meant the world to me! I wish you ladies were on the same coast as I! My feelings have been up and down but I am going to ACTIVELY try to make some MilSpouse friends. We will see how that goes...

Anyway, It is Cornfest time again! If you don't know what I am talking about checkout my post last year on it.

Cornfest 2010

I just finished half of my wedding Thank You cards (seriously, did it take everyone else forever to do theirs? I have been dreading doing them from beginning!) for the side of the family that will be there. Now we are about to pack and clean up the house. Right after work tomorrow we (TJ, me, Courtney and Gina) will be making the 6 hour drive to Enterprise, Utah, where the population is approximately 2,000 and there is 1 stoplight in the whole town (yes, that is a true fact) It's always nice to see family, Grandpa Holt's farm, eat LOTS of corn, and marvel at this tiny little town.

I will post pics after we get back!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Don't Fit In...

I feel like I don't fit in anywhere. I don't fit in with my hometown friends because they are all off at college, having fun and hanging out every day. I don't fit in at work because I am still a student. I especially don't fit in with other military wives because I don't have any kids nor do I want any right now. I am having a really hard time trying to find my place SOMEWHERE and it is just not happening. It is making me really sad. Like every day sad. I am starting to think I am depressed...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

HELP.... San Francisco Here We Come!

Okay! Here's the deal. TJ and I are moving to San Francisco next June! That is right, we will be EAS-ing and living a NORMAL life! And by normal I mean, terrifying and unpredictable civilian life. Anyhow, I need anyone's help. Anyone that knows San Francisco.

Where the heck is a good place to live?! We are looking into buying a house (and by house I mean condo/townhome... we cant afford a house, house, then again, are there any house, houses in San Francisco?). I found a few homes we liked (and could afford) in the Bayview-Hunters point area but apparently there is a high crime/ murder rate there! T accused me of trying to move us into the ghetto but trust me, that is the last thing I want to do!

We are also looking outside the city but not too far from it because T's school is smack in the middle of San Francisco. Being from Orange County I am kind of picky about where we live. I want to live somewhere safe and desirable. Sooooo, any suggestions? We are going to visit over Labor Day Weekend but we need a place to begin!

P.S Our day today was exactly like this....

And it was perfect...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Excited for School!?

Oh boy! I start classes again next week. I am excited only for the fact that these are the last 3 classes I need before I can teach pre-school! And what is more awesome about that?! The fact that they are all 8 week classes. In 2 months I could start applying for jobs down by my house (for a much needed new job AND commute break). I have never been so excited to start classes at community college! 

As far as Brandman University, I am waiting to see if I can enroll in classes starting in October. Fingers crossed! If I don't get into Brandman I have no clue what my next move will be...

Happy Friday y'all (I never use y'all in real life but when blogging it seems appropriate!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What an Awesome Weekend

Well I had the best weekend. Just what I needed to get myself out of my slump. First on Friday my friends Gina and Courtney (who I never see because they go to school in Idaho) came over. We first went to the beach. It wasn't really beach weather but we were determined so we headed to Del Mar on Camp Pendleton. My favorite moment happened at the beach. We were walking to the car and saw a guy in a shirt that said "Asains Love it" WELLLL, with Gina being half Asian we HAD to get her to take a pic with him. How did we do this? I went something like this....

Courtney: You need to take a pic with him Gina
Me: Yes dooo itt!!
Gina: I am not going to just go up to him and ask!
Me: Oh I will! Wait I'm nervous. No I am going to do it! (From 40 feet away) Hey, Hey HEYYY!! Come here! My firend is Asian and she wants to take a picture with you!
Random Marine: Haha okay.

It was an embarrassing and awkward moment for all parties involved.

Anyway, we laid out, gossiped, and had an epic water adventure. We basically got raped by the water and LOTSSS of boobs were exposed. Then we went out to dinner, ice-cream, Walmart, Redbox, played the PlayStation moton game thingy and watched a TERRIBLE movie. T said we were EXTREMELY loud all night but that just means we had a good time, right?

Then the next day my best friends from High School basketball came over. We went out to sushi (my favorite food of all time) gossiped (yes, I am a big gossiper, don't judge I know you do it too..) headed to the outlets did some "wishing we had $$ to buy clothes" then headed back to my place for some drinks and homemade ice-cream. It was perfect.

To top it off I went to dinner today (I know, I know, it wasn't the weekend) an old friend from High School Stephanie.

Being able to hang with friends really lifted my spirits. I am thankful to have such great people in my life!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Piss on the Navy....

T and I are both having a "Piss on the Navy" moment. It's evaluation time and Hubby got his eval back today. He got a "Must Promote" (last eval he go an "Early Promote"). He sat down with his Chief to go over the evaluation and to make a long story short, Chief told hubby that he deserves an "Early Promote" (since currently he works at an E5 level anyway), but since he is getting out in a year they gave it to somebody else.

Just hearing T tell me this pissed me off so much! So what if he's getting out in a year? What happened to rewarding those who earn it? GAH! Hubby was upset when I came home, and rightfully so.

So to cheer my husband up, and because he needed it for his classes at the Academy of Art, we bought this today...

 I'm super jealous! I want one too but we spent a whole paycheck on this puppy! Christmas maybe? Anyway, the lovely MacBook Pro took our minds off this stupid eval stuff...


I feel like I have been a super bad blogger lately. I just have not been inspired to write. Needless to say, I am in a mood.... It has been really hard to make friends down here and it's really bumming me out. I get super jealous when T goes out with his friends because I have nobody to call up and hang with really fast. It's pretty lame  I also really want to find another job because if one more person says "You're still here?!" I will seriously flip (I work at the community college I used to, and still, go to)

Anyway, these big parts of my life, Friends and Work, are totally sucking right now. So I need your help ladies, how did you make friends at your post?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Post Wedding Chop!

I cut my hair! (and by cut my hair I mean I took my extensions out). I wanted to do this FOREVER ago but I kept the long hair for the wedding. Now that it's over, it's short hair timeeee!!