Monday, March 26, 2012

Disneyland Never Gets Old...

This weekend my mother-in-law was in town at my lovely sister-in-laws singing competition. It was so nice to see them and hear my beautiful S.I.L sing because her voice is so beautiful! On Saturday they got to go to Disneyland so T and I tagged along and it was such a fun day.

Even though we have been to Disneyland about 40 times, it never gets old!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kickin' It Old School

Yesterday I realized a very strange quirk about our apartment. Let me start out by saying, I love our apartment. I love the floorplan, I wish I could just take it with me where ever I go (just add on an extra bedroom or two), it is in a great neighborhood, management is excellent, I have my own washer and dryer (apparently that is a luxury out here), I could just go on and onnnnn....

Anyway, since I love out apartment so much, when I realized this weird, kind of annoying, oddity, it really didn't bother me too much. I just can't wrap my mind around it...

What IS the quirk you ask?

Our water heater doesn't work when we run the heater in the house.

Weird right? I have no clue if this is really the case but normally our water gets scalding hot. Like, don't even have to boil a pot of water, hot. The only time the water comes out luke warm, when turned up full blast, is when the heater is on.

I never put the two and two together (because this has happened a handful of times) until yesterday. It was freezing in the morning because us weirdos like to keep our windows open at night and in a storm. I had the heat on basically all day because the house was so bone cold I couldn't get the chill out. I had also just spent all day downsizing/cleaning my house, mainly our disaster of a closet. This was hard freaking work, especially lugging around the seemingly infinite amount of sea bags (don't even get me started on my hate for sea bags!), and AMALS we have around the house. 9 hours, 4 cleaned rooms, and 10 loads of laundry later (yes 10, we had friends in town last week, I couldn't keep up! Don't judge...) my body was hurting. So T suggested I take a bath. I thought this was some sexy ploy of his but there is no way he, alone, can fit in the bathtub, let alone with me.

So I draw the water, just for me, and I put the tap on Mordor...
because I like the water to literally scald me as I enter, and I walk away. I come back, all excited to lay in a hot bath and first foot enters...

It's cold! Gah. Well cold to my standards. I get in the tub anyway, because there is no turning back now and yell to my hubby and ask him to boil a big pot of water. Yes, you guessed it. I filled my bathtub with a pots of boiling water from the stove. By the time it actually reached a desirable temperature I was ready to get out.

I kicked it old school for about an hour and filled up a hot tub manually. After that I had two epiphanies.

1. Warm House or Cold Shower...take your pick

2. Golly gee, I am so thankful for indoor pluming. 
I would never bathe if that meant filling up the tub manually!