Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Blog, New Phone & One Happy Delainey!

SOOOO, notice something different about my blog? IT IS COMPLETELY REVAMPED!! Thanks to Brea at Utter Chaos  and her incredible skills my blog is no longer the crazy mess it once was. (Seriously, it gave me a headache, I don't know how you guys read it!)

She is doing custom blog designs FOR FREE!

Yup, you heard me right. It's not a contest or anything. She wants to hone her web design skills so she is taking requests on a first come first serve basis. And she is AMAZING. I could never do all of this to my blog by myself so I am truly grateful.

SO! If you are interested in a blog makeover or just a new header Brea can do it for you. Go and see her! And hurry because she is only taking submissions until the 1st!

Plus her blog is a good read too. She is making through a deployment and she has the two cutest boys ever (next to my nephew of course). Go see her!

And in some other news. I got a I-phone! Well by default. My phone some how broke while I was sleeping so I desperately needed a new one but didn't want to buy one since my plan is up next month. So my best friend Amanda gave me her old I-phone because she just bought the new one. Isn't she the best? The phone is weird and hard to get used to but fun at the same time. AND I can get on internet now (using wifi of course, I definitely don't have the data plan to support anywhere Internet. I would cry if I got that bill in the mail). So you know what Internet means, more blog updates and more tweets!

Yay. Today has been a good day =]

P.S Thank you for all your feedback on my wedding planner struggle. I am definitely  taking everything into account. And for those new followers, WELCOME! If I haven't commented on your blog yet leave me a comment with your url. I would love to read your blogs too!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wedding News!

First I would like to thank all you lovely ladies who congratulated me on my engagement! I am happy I get to share so many moments with my bloggy friends and I am grateful I always get positive responses. And to all my new followers, welcome to my blog! And for everyone whose blogs I've been neglecting I apologize and I promise I will catch up on all your posts soon!

I have been SO EXCITED to show off my ring at work. T was even excited for me to show it off. It is still super weird to see it on my finger, it feels fake. Like I am not actually engaged. BUT ITS REAL!

Anyway, back to my point. My point is to update you on some wedding news!

So we have a date we are entertaining. June 18th. It is perfect in our books. T's best friend and best man comes home from his Mission on June 8th then the following weekend he can fly out to our neck of the woods for the wedding. Plus it will give us a good amount of time to plan without being engaged for forever.

T and I have to sit down and make a wedding budget then my Mom and I are going to sort all the to-do's. I am pretty on the fence about what I would like to do. We have some amazing all inclusive wedding venues near us but they can get pretty pricey. Especially in June. OR If I want to do everything myself (with the help of friends and family of course) but if I do that I will need to hire a wedding coordinator because there is only so much my friends and family can do, especially the day of .

SO LADIES!!  I need your help!

What did you do for your wedding? Or what would you do? Did you have a coordinator/planner or did you do it all solo?

I look forward to your feedback! ( I will probably be asking for a lot of feedback from you ladies. Weather you are married, engaged, dating or single I would love to hear your thoughts!)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

He (finally) Put A Ring On It!!

I know all you ladies are DYING to know how the proposal happened. So here it goes! This weekend T and I stayed at this local place close to my house. On Friday he told me he had to go to work for "some Habitat of Humanity thing in San Juan". I thought it was pretty lame that he had to work in the morning and we couldn't sleep in together but he promised it wouldn't take long. When Saturday morning came and he woke up and left early and promised he will be back soon. Naturally I went back to sleep, but woke up about an hour later, turned on the TV and lazily watched until I could muster up the energy to get up. Not too long after T was back. I was super surprised he was back so early. When I asked him why it went to fast he said, "I got down there and it was canceled".

Well how freaking rude, they could have gave him a call and we could have slept in, but hey, it's the military, what can we expect? I got ready and he told me that were going on a cruise in the car, so cruising we went. We ended up cruising to this little beach we used to go to all the time when we first started dating, Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach. It was overcast, but he wanted to walk around anyway.

 (Crescent Bay, taken Summer of 2009 when we first started dating)

We got down to the beach and there was only 3 other people there. (One thing we always loved about Crescent Bay was that there is one of the most underpopulated beaches in Laguna, and when the tide is low you can climb the rocks to a totally secluded beach. One time we found a baby Seal there and made friends with the little guy.) We were walking around, joking, searching for more baby seals and then he started saying that he was excited for me to become his wife.

(OOOOO, he's excited for me to be his wifey!!... That was me thinking inside my head)

Then he started telling me what his favorite thing about me was.

T: I love that you put everyone in front of yourself, you are so selfless and I love you.

He rarely ever puts his feelings into words like this so it made me feel extremely special. We kissed, hugged and there was a small pause. A silence. Then he pulled a box out of his pocket, dropped on one knee, then I screamed and jumped up and down saying REALLY? REALLY??!. He opened the box and there it was!!

 (It's a tad blurry in the box, but that is what it looked like when he was on one knee)

So freaking beautiful! He never did say "Will you marry me" but hey, obviously the ring implies the phrase. Then I bent over and kissed him and asked if I could put it on, and the deed was done!!

We were engaged! We took a moment to make out on the beach and cry (I totally found out my new mascara is definitely NOT waterproof) and hug. We walked up to the car all gitty and started talking about everything.

Rewind to Saturday morning. Remember how he told me he had to work? Well, he lied. He went to breakfast with my Dad to ask for his blessing (Mad props right? My dad was totally impressed) and he wanted to show my Dad the ring to make sure it was good enough for me.

(Of course my Dad thought it was perfect for me! And so do I! I don't know all the specs on it but I do know the center diamond it 1.25 carats)

He also told me that he has had the ring since my birthday but was waiting to talk to my Dad before he proposed and it was hard to set up a date because my dad was out of town then T was in the field. So he finally got the chance to ask the morning of. How wonderful?! So all excited we called T's mom then we drove to my house to show my family and later that night my parents took us to a congratulatory dinner at Lucille's.

 (It is love!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Great California Shakeout

Today we had a statewide earthquake drill that the state deemed "The Great California Shakeout". It was so goofy. At 10:21am all the intercoms and speakers on our phones turned on and started saying earthquake type things. 

(Photo Cred:

I don't really remember what it was saying because I was laughing so hard. Erin (HI ERIN!) made me get under my desk while she stood, watched and critiqued me on my "duck and cover" technique. While I was under my desk I learned a few things about my impending survival in a major earthquake:

1. I seriously have 80 wires and chords plugged into power strips under my desk. If there was a major earthquake I am certain they would all catch fire and I would die a fiery death under my desk or I would be impaled by a falling object on my escape.

2. Our floors NEVER get vacuumed. After I got out from laying on my belly I had hair ALL OVER my sweater. Luckily it was mine, but still, it was nasty. I am pulling out the vacuum tomorrow and cleaning it up.

3. We have 3 days worth of disaster food in our office. I never knew that. I  knew we had 2 MRE's because they are sitting blatantly in our kitchen (by kitchen I mean a microwave, a stack of plates and salt and pepper shakers). So if I were to escape the fiery doom under my desk AND I manage not to get hit by any falling object. I would be able to live for 3 days until I got rescued.

4. California is getting really intense with their earthquake drills. We were mandated in school to do these super elaborate earthquake drills that took half the day. We had medics there and people FAKED being injured. Then others would have to go and find them and call over the medic for help while the rest of the students evacuated. Then we would stand out on the field and do accountability crap and sit in the sun to pretend the world was ending. Now were doing statewide drills? What is next? We do another statewide drill where we all are forced to evacuate to neighboring states? I wouldn't mind. I would go to Utah and see some family (HI TROY!). So what is next California?

Definitely the most interesting part of my day.

Tomorrow is Friday, who is excited??!!

Happy early weekend folks!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To Our LGBT Family

Today I wore purple to honor all the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual youth that have committed suicide due to the verbal abuse and bullying from their peers. Regardless of anyone's feeling about LGBT issues NOBODY should ever lose their life because of ANY intolerance. 

It is that simple.

The End

Friday, October 15, 2010

Xbox convo, Birthday Present & My Best Friend!

Anyone care to know how T and my Xbox (text) conversation went?

T: Hey babe, instead of gambling at the Ball can I buy a Xbox?

Me: (Thinking, OMG not another gaming system, that is the last thing he needs to be wasting money on)  How much are they?

T: Like $120

Me: What! $120? (At this point I am thinking he is lying to me to gain leverage in the Xbox debate, so I look up how much Xboxes cost) Babe, I find that very hard to believe.

T: Well, I would buy it used.

Me: (Very proud of him for NOT buying something brand new and grossly overpriced) Okay, knock yourself out. Do you have the money for it?

T: Yes

Me: Okie Dokie. Thanks for consulting with me.

T: That's because I'm in Love.

WHAT A SWEETIE PIE! Even though he bought a gaming system he was nice enough to ask me about it. And to top it off tonight at the Navy Ball (that I am not going and secretly, I am rather happy I am not going) he is not going to gamble. So overall the outcome to this Xbox crisis is positive.

Today at work my Boss gave me my belated birthday present. I know I promised not to talk about my birthday again until next year but I must tell you about it! It is soo cute! It is this silver stamped necklace with 2 pendants. One has a D on it and the other had a T on it, my first and last initial. AND she pointed out when I get married and change my last name that the necklace could stand for Delainey and Troy.  


I work with such amazing people.

Now, Since it is Friday I am off to wreak havoc on the town with this amazing lady!
(after I take a nap of course)

(Stolen from her facebook for some reason we have no good pictures of just us)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spirit Quest

My mom and I talk all day long via e-mail when we are at work. Even though we see each other all the time it is so lovely to talk to her throughout the day. It leaves me very happy. Today our conversation started out (like usual) talking about how our days are going.

Today my mom told me,

"I am determined to make today a great day."

To that I responded,

"Heck yes! You are so positive Mom I know you will be able to make it into an awesome day!"

Then she says this, 

"God keeps me going and has changed my life.  If it was not because of HIS love, kindness, patience and mercy; I would be a hot mess."

I had to stop and really think about this because it is so true and I do not give God enough credit for keeping me sane (trust me, if you were inside my mind you would wonder how I am able to keep it together. It's crazy in there!) Today my Mom turned a light bulb on in my head. I am not buddies with God like I used to be. I want to be able start talking to him like I used to. So I think I am going on a Spirit Quest. I know, it sounds like some cheesy camp activity but I am certain it will lead me somewhere in the right direction. (Just like that episode of Huge where they went on the Spirit Quest to really find who they are. Everyone was opposed but everyone walked away with an invaluable lesson. Anyone watching Huge? Anyone?) Anyhow. I do not know if I necessarily believe if there is one true church out there and that you have to be apart of it to make it into the pearly gates. But one thing I do believe is that God is up there. Watching, listing, encouraging and loving all of us.

I am officially on a quest to find the Spirit. I am on the quest to find my best friend... God

Monday, October 11, 2010

Think Pink!

Sunday was such an amazing day because I had the chance to participate in The American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. It was an absolutely phenomenal experience. I walked in honor of my beautiful Aunt Susanna who kicked Breast Cancer's behind many years ago. I had the chance to met a wonderful girl Lindsey that was walking in honor of her mother who survived breast cancer TWICE. We walked together sharing stories and her story was amazing and very touching. Although her mother has gone through incredible trials Lindsey says her mother is stronger than ever.

We also had a chance to speak to two wonderful people who were walking in the name of their friends. An Aunt and a Niece who were battling breast cancer together. I almost cried when I found out the niece was only 10 years old. TEN YEARS OLD! It is crazy to think someone so young has to go through a debilitating and potentially fatal disease. It wears on my heart to think that so many woman's longevity it attacked by this cancer.

My hope is one day there will be a CURE to Breast Cancer. Hopefully the lives of grandmothers, mothers, daughters, nieces and cousins will not be unjustly cut short.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well, T has been back from the field for a few days so he can teach a class. So we had the chance to spend a little time together and I feel slightly bad for being a beeotch for half of last night. I get into these moods where I have NO patience for anything, so needless to say we got into a little tiff on our way to dinner (and during the beginning of dinner which I am sure was awkward for our poor waitress and the people around us). BUT I apologized for my lameness and we ended the night on a great note (complete with doughnuts and orange juice) (P.S Joe's Crab Shack is so good!! Their crab buckets are so amazing they will resolve any tension in your relationship, trust me). So now T is off to 29 for a little more time then he will be back home. Yay! He is planning a picnic at our favorite spot in Laguna Beach after his return. Kudos to him for thinking about something that cute!

So since he is now gone (again) I think today I am just going to veg out in my parent's bed (it is so big and comfy, I refuse to move) maybe I might even do some homework and clean my car. We will see if that actually happens ha. OR since our weather has returned back to the normal beautiful, sunny 75 degree weather I know and love, I may take a ride on my beach cruiser. it even matters what I MIGHT do because I will inevitably write about what I ACTUALLY  end up doing.

Sorry for this scatterbrained post I just thought I'd write something so you all know I am still alive and kickinh. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

P.S For all those lovely new followers I received this past week: Thanks for finding my blog!! Be sure you leave a comment with your blog URL I'd love to check out your blogs and follow too!


Monday, October 4, 2010


I am going to talk about the weather. Not like you would during an awkward silence in a conversation with that person you barely know or better yet *whisper* that person you don't even like. You know what I am talking about. It is the... "SOOOO....It's hot today huh?".

No I am not going to do any of that. I am going to REALLY going to tell you  how I feel about this weather. IT IS RIDICULOUS! Talk about schizophrenic. Last week it was 109 degrees outside. You could not leave your home without burning to a crisp. It never cooled down either! I am pretty sure 80 was the coolest it got. When I'd walk to my car for my spin class at 6:05am I would end up drenched in sweat. Seriously. 6am. 80 degrees. NOW it is a balmy 60 degrees? Yes that is right 60 AND rainy. What is up with these extremes? Today it didn't even break 70 degrees. It is awful.

PUHLEASEEEE weather. Make up your mind (Preferably for the warmer temperatures)! I need to be able to pick my work clothes accordingly.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Time For a Drink!

Oh my gosh! Can I tell you how excited I was to open my pantry 
and see this magnificent packet of euphoric tasty goodness:


Now, I don't know what the crap this stuff is but my Aunt sends it from Honduras and it is absolutely amazing! It is some type of drink mix made from Guanabana fruit. If you were to see what the fruit looked like you'd probably think its nasty. See:

I know exactly what your thinking! It looks like a horny toad (giggle)!

But it is the best! I think I am going to pour myself a glass while laying back and watching some TV. At least I have my Guanabana Zuko to look forward to while T is gone training.