Friday, November 9, 2012

What Is This?!

First I would like to preface by saying, HEYYYYY, look who has gotten back into the bloggy swing of things!

Sorry, I'm excited that I have been motivated to blog again.

Anyway, when I was writing my post a couple of days ago I, as usual, wanted to embed a photo. As I uploaded the photo from my computer this sucker showed up on my screen...

...I was out of space and needed to upgrade my storage?

So as the cheapskate I am, I decided to find a way around this. I went into Picasa, or whatever it's called, and tried to delete all the photos that are already stored (they are already on my blog, why else would I need them there?). This proved to not be the answer to my problems because if I deleted the photos from Picasa, they would delete from my blog. Poop, I don't want that to happen! So I relented and decided to pay the $3 a month for upgraded storage.

So now my question is, has this happened to anyone else and have you found a way around it?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just my Two Cents

I am not a fan of being overbearing with my political views on the internet (or in life for that matter) but I posted a status on Facebook about my feelings on the election. I just wanted to share my two scents as a Mormon and a Liberal....

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Where's My Winter?!

Before I moved to San Francisco I got myself ready for some cold weather. Being a Southern California gal I am madly in love with the sun. I want to be in the sunshine 24/7. So when we packed up the moving truck I thought I was saying goodbye to the sun for good (or at least for most of the time) and I got my scarves, boots, and gloves ready for some foggy weather.


We have gotten more sun up here than overcast weather. Sometimes it feels like I am back in San Diego again. But I must admit. I am so annoyed! I bought so many cute winter clothes to wear I want to wear them now!! Bring on the cold weather!

I must say, though, that this it not too shabby...