Monday, December 19, 2011


Oh dear Blog, I am so sorry for neglecting you! School was to blame. Seriously. For the past few weeks I have been sooo overwhelmed with schoolwork and being a housewife (ever since I quit working I am pretty sure I have lost my mind, I forget to turn off the engine while filling the car up, I constantly leave the keys on the front seat when I leave the car, I leave my blender on the stove and completely melt it, urgh but I digress...)

So for those of you who follow me on twitter and even Facebook, you probably know a little what is going on in my life, but if you don't, here it goes!

My husband dropped and broke my DSLR camera, so it sits in pieces on our dinning room table =[.
Since we cannot afford to fix it right now, the holidays will be pretty low on pictures this year.

Thanksgiving was at our apartment. It was such a great time! 8 people in our little apartment. Our dining table only seats 4, so we got pretty creative with it. We also did a very non-traditional Thanksgiving. We has a seafood Thanksgiving. Oh it was soooo delishhh.

It's Christmas time! And we have gotten into the holiday spirit at our house. Since this is our first Christmas together we do not have much decorations (they are expensive! I plan on going after Christmas and stocking up!) but we do have a fabulous tree...

It took us hoursss and 2,500 lights to light up this beast!

I also made this fabulous wreath with my lovely friend Erin (thanks Pinterest!)

I have finally finished this Semester. Longest 8 week session of my life! But I finally get to sell this nasty stack of books and get them out of my life!

I watched this documentary on Netflix, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" (oh it is soo good! you have to watch it) basically it convinced me to go on a juice fast and I convinced T to do it with me. My plan was to fast for 10 days but after 4 days of just this...
We broke down and had to eat real food. But in the 4 days, I could tell I lost weight (we do not have a scale) I just wish I had the willpower to do the whole 10 days. But it was a good, eating healthy jump start.

Some more exciting stuff has happened but I am going to save that for another post. It's such a big deal it deserves its own post.

I love you all and I hope you all have a fabulous holidays with your friends and family!