Monday, February 15, 2010

A Very Special Valentine's Day

"Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible -- it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could." ~~ Barbara De Angelis

Ahhh, So as Valentine's Day has come and gone I have come to find being so far away from the one you love makes you truly appreciate EVERYTHING they do. No card, flower arrangement or box of chocolate, even if it is Godiva, can convey love like the memories of every smile, touch, tear and loving gesture. With TJ gone I had the chance to reflect on all the times we have had together, especially when we first met. I am so grateful we both decided to take that leap of faith. (For some background, when we first met I thought he was incredibly cute but I was sure I wasn't his type at all and TJ thought I was way out of his league. ALAS! we both took the chance and here we are almost a year later!)But, I did get one amazing gift, a phone call. I was about two minutes long, he said; "Happy Valentine's Day, know I love you. I can't talk for long, if you watch the news you will know why." Although the phone call was a somber reminder of what he going through overseas. Overall, I must say, yesterday was, by far, the greatest and most meaningful Valentine's Day to date. Who would have ever known that 4 small words could mean so much;

"Know I love you."

I could not ask for anything more.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Ramblings about Deployments, Love and Finding an Apartment

Well it is officially February. There are a few things I think about this, which I will not go into all of them because my ramblings would go on forever. The most important thought I have on February is that we've got through another month of this (RETCHED) deployment. YAY US! TJ will be officially gone for 5 months on the 5th. We are both incredibly amazed on how fast time flies. So all he has to do is get through the next two months alive and I have to get through the next two months with my sanity then *boom* he is home! Although it is still 2 months away its surreal and exciting might I add, to think he will be home soon.

While my baby has been gone I have have had a lot of time, not just to focus on school and work, but also hangout with my family. Let me start by saying I LOVEE my family. I never understood those people who declaring an undying hate for their parents or siblings. I must say, mine are the BEST! One day I went to just lay in bed with my mom to have a "snuggle chat". I walked into my parents room to see her laying on my Dad's side of the bed. I have NEVERR seen her lay on his side of the bed so when I asked her what she was doing on that side she told me, "I am keeping it warm for your father when he comes to sleep." That was the most amazing response I ever heard. After 23 years of marriage my mom is still doing little thoughtful things like keeping his side of the bed warm. This day I realized what everlasting love is. The love my parents have for each other. I am terrified to grow old but I am excited to grow old with TJ the way my parents have grown old with each other. (Just to clarify, my parents are not old they are in their 40's but you know what I mean =])

Now this brings me to my FAILED apartment search. Well I wouldn't say I have completely failed, but I definitely am at strike two. After what seemed like years of searching for something affordable to me Apartment number one was in this absolutely adorable historic inn in San Clemente. Incredibly cute from the inside but, oh my gosh, the inside was absolutely terrible, it was 10 X 15 shoebox that smelt like smoke and mildew-y socks. The second apartment, this is a funny story, the agent took me to the wrong place, so we walked inside this absolutely BEAUTIFUL apartment with a full kitchen, nice counter tops and perfect carpets. Turns out that was the wrong unit, instead he took me to, literally, a closet off the previous apartment we saw. It was a room off the other apartment (it still had a connecting door!) not to mention it was the size of my parent closet. So naturally that place was a no. Finding a suitable apartment at a reasonable price in South Orange County is literally impossible. If you are looking for an apartment on a budget I would advise you STOP right now if you want to keep your sanity or double your budget.

Now I am done with all the ramblings, for now =]
Much Love!