Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeling A Little Blue

I've been in an odd mood lately. I've been pretty down. Sitting in bed alone is soooo depressing (and the fact that I am gaining weight makes me upset. I feel like a tub of lard). You'd think because I've made it through a deployment a Field Op would be no big deal but it all hurts the same. So tomorrow and Wednesday I am going to spend the night at my parents. My mom and I (possibly my sister too) are going to shop for some household things and do some wedding planning.

I think it will really lift my spirits.

I hope all of you are having a great week!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Blood, Tears, Stiches and a Tetanus Shot

Oh my GOODNESS what a day I had today. I got off work earlier that my usual "Early Friday" (our office shuts down at noon on Fridays  so I normally leave at 2 or 2:30 but today left at noon) to get my house ready for Facials tomorrow.

So I clean my pretty messy house (wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, scrub the floors, vacuum, etc.). Somehow in the mix of cleaning I decided to eat an avocado and in the middle of pitting it ( have always  pitted avocados by sticking the knife directly into the pit and twisting it out and never once have I cut myself!! ) and the knife slips off the pit and goes through the avocado and into my hand.


My hand was bleeding profusely and my first instinct was to call T because, well he's a  Corpsman. So I call and he tells me to wash it off and tell him how deep it is. I wash it off and it immediately fills with blood so I can't tell. So he tells me to go to the hospital because he is in the field he couldn't take me =[. My last effort before the hospital was to stop by the neighbors house (T's friends who are all corpsman) to see if anyone was home, no luck there. So off to the hospital I went and almost 3 hours later I walk out with 3 stitches, a wrapped/numb hand and a very painful tetanus shot.   

Now I am sitting in my big hass bed alone, watching Going the Distance (which I kind of don't like, it's pretty vulgar)and letting my stitches "air out" and they are starting to hurt more and more. I would post a picture but looking at my stiches makes me want to barf so I highly doubt you want to see it either.

Today just totally sucked. So I am going to leave you with a few more engagement photos, they bring me joy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where's My V-Blog?

I didn't do a video blog on my fabulous 4 day weekend because of a few reasons.

1. On Thursday we found out that T would have this Friday off with me! So we partied all day. Well, we slept in and laid in bed until 3p. But to me that's a party!

2. I spent time unpacking and all that shanannns, and BOY do I have a lot of stuff.

3. All Star Weekend! We spent time at the neighbors for most of All Star Weekend. This is also where I developed my crush on Blake Griffin. If you don't know him, Google him. He's a cutie!

4. Sunday night I had an allergic reaction to SOMETHING and my face became all swollen and GROSS. I looked like a freak and I didn't want to expose my lovely followers to something so HIDEOUS.

5. T got Monday off TOO!! They were supposed to go on a field op but something happened where they all got to go home for the day! So we spent the day running errands and looking for furniture.

A V-Blog WILL come soon. It is on my To-Do list!! (along with Scholarship Apps & Invitation making)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Being on blog hiatus is so sad! I haven't even been able to read blogs because on my phone I cant scroll down while on blogspot (something that REALLY annoys me) I promise to catch up with my commenting =].

So I am super excited for the end of this week because I have Friday AND Monday off! WHATTTTT??! I know! Partyyyy! Well kind of. Friday I am going to finally unpack all my stuff and get our house looking like a home (hanging pictures, getting potted flowers, buying a couch [?]) I am also thinking about doing my very first video blog! I am really eager to show off our place, I am not so eager for you to hear my annoying voice (seriously, you have been forwarned). I also need to make our house look somewhat presentable because Saturday I am having my bridesmaids over for Facials! (I won a free facial day at a bridal show! I guess sometimes you are not just spammed and acutally win stuff!)

(Fun Fact: T is singing in the kitchen right now, it's super cute)

AND, I have my wedding shoes!! My wonderful sissy is letting me borrow them, so they are my shoes AND my something borrowed.

I am pretty sure Steve Madden did the impossible and was able to design pure sex into a shoe. (P.S this picture doesn't EVEN do the sparkly justice!)

And if you haven't seen the word sex enough in this post, here it is one more time:

Anyway, I am about to dip my hands in some paraffin wax to make them nice and soft. Check ya later!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Don't Think I Have Ever Been This Tired

I am sorry I have ben such a terrible blogger lately! My friend Justin (you remember Justin right?) told me the other day (as he looked at the date) that I am exactly 72 blogs behind. Now I think that might be a tad of an exaggeration but there is some truth to that statement.

The fact of the matter is that I have been super stressed lately. Between school full time, work full time, commuting (it takes me an hour to get home because the 2 lane highway to my house SUCKS!) cooking dinner and cleaning house I am FAR to exhausted to do anything. Seriously, I have been slacking hardcore in all parts of my life. For example today I took 3 quizzes and 1 test back to back to back to back because I waited untill the last minute.

Lazy, no, just effing TIRED!

I'm sorry folks! I promise to pep up on my vitamins (omg, will I have to start drinking coffee again??? Pleaseeeee DON'T let me result to that!) get my energy up and blog on a normal basis.

Love you all!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Updates AND Engagement Photos!


Well kind of. I still do not have any internet in my apartment (we're totally slacking) but right now I hacked the internet from my phone and pulled it over to my laptop. It'll do for now I guess.

Our apartment is looking more and more like a home every day, We still need couches but we do have a coffee table, dining table AND a California King Mattress that me and T's big butt can fit on comfortably (seriously, at 6'4 he takes up TONNNSSS of room! ANDDD if you have a regular mattress THROW IT AWAY and buy memory foam. It is the most comfortable thing EVER AND you cannot feel any movement in it!) One of these days I will grab the video camera and give everyone the grand tour! (well let's be honest, the apartment is 780 square ft. not too grand by many standards but grand by mine!)

AND for even more exciting news! Last weekend T and I FINALLYYYYYY got our engagement photos done! We haven't got all of them done yet but our lovely photographer, Marlon, gave us a sneak peak of a few. And without further adieu here's your sneak peak!!!