Sunday, August 29, 2010

Corn Fest Time!

Remember how I said (in my last post) T and I were going on a special date on Friday? Well, that did not happen, (it's okay, Robbin's Brothers will see us next weekend) but instead T was able to get approved to go out of bounds and we ended up taking an impromptu trip to Enterprise for Corn Fest. Enterprise is this tiny little town about 45 minutes outside St. George, Utah, where T's Grandmother and Grandfather live. Every year the little town has a Corn Festival where the Grandpa Jack and Grandma Kay's house becomes a site to see. 

Grandpa Jack grows corn, lots of delicious corn that people come far and wide (that is no exaggeration, people come from all around) for the good stuff. So we pick the corn (well actually the polygamists pick the corn) and we sell it. We also sell all types of produce, baked goodies, cooked corn, and Navajo Tacos (yumm). It sure is a major production. We all worked our tails off husking corn, rolling dough, serving food, selling sweets and bagging corn, but it was so much fun.

Now I shall leave you with some pictures!

This, folks, is Enterprise, Utah

T and I in the corn fields 
(please ignore my messy hair, it was extremely windy)

Corn Husking station

It was getting a little crazy and messy

My man working hard

Matt and Alisha with the "goodies"

The little girls working the goodies

Aunt Heidi

Taco Time! Aunt Mindy and Uncle Nate

Everyone getting some corn!

My two favorite people, Hillary and Rachel

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Little Bit of This and That

This week has been so incredibly hectic and tiring that by the time my day is done, I am showered, and in bed, I no longer have the energy to do anything other than read/comment some blogs and hit the hay. That 6:30am class is kicking my but, in every sense of the phrase.  It is a spinning class (which is nice because I don't really have to get ready for the day, mentally or physically. I just roll out of bed, get to class and hop on a bike.) and it is HARD but an amazing workout. Getting the blood flowing in the morning is an amazing way to start the day but by 5pm I am crashing, and crashing hard (I guess that is the side effect of cycling 20 miles every morning.)

Anyway, while I am at my second job (watching a baby girl 2 days a week) I decided to blog a little while shes napping then maybe I'll take a nap myself.  I've got some awesome news! In my first job (at the College) I am currently working in a new position. I am subbing as the office assistant (technically I manage the office but I guess some at the college are picky about job titles) anyway, I love it. When the position officially opens up I will be applying for it so fingers crossed! I feel I have been truly blessed with this job. My boss is amazing and is always giving me opportunities to grow and refine the work I do. So yay for that!

ANDDD tomorrow T and I are going on a very special date. I shall go into further detail later but I am quite excited for what is planned. I love that man so much words cannot even express. Also, his birthday is next weekend so I am planning the most awesome present imaginable. More on that later too.

Even though I am tired  EXHAUSTED, and a tad stressed, this week has been great and I know the weekend will be even better.

Hope you all are doing well!


P.S I was looking through old photos and I found one of the first pictures of T and I

Pizza picnic on the beach. Notice the nose ring?  Man I miss that thing sometimes.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Classes, Companions and Me in the LA Times!

I have been trying to block it out of my mind for weeks. Now that it is almost 10 o'clock on Sunday I am forced to come to terms with it. I start Fall semester tomorrow. Bleh. And I was sitting on the couch with my Daddy today it hit me..

Me:"Dad, I am officially a Junior in college." 
Dad: "Wow, that's crazy."

Yeah, that's right, a freaking Junior. How old am I? Where has time gone? I think I may be having a quarter life crisis.  Okay, that was a lie but it sure is a strange thought. I am almost done with my undergrad. Nuts!

So while I should be sleeping right now to make my 6:30am class (yes, that's right, 6:30AM. I think I might of had a moment of bad judgment when registering) I want to catch up on my bloggy blog and reading all of yours, since I have been away all weekend.

P.S While I am talking about college, check out the article in the LA times with ME IN IT! (click the linky below)

Spring enrollment's budget connection leaves California college students in limbo

This Friday I spent my summer last day/night with my lovely friend from high school, Stephanie. She left for NAU Saturday in the wee hours of the morning so on Friday I helped her pack (and by helped her pack I mean she packed while I watched episodes of How I Met Your Mother with regular intervals of us Facebook Stalking old friends. I did help her pack up her car though, so I was of some assistance.) and we went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen where we had the cutest gay waiter. Every time he came around we were in awe. I wanted to take him home with me he was that adorable. Especially when he commented on how cute our pink drinks were. Now she is off  in Arizona and I am disheartened that she is gone.

Then on Saturday and Sunday T and I just kicked it. He owned me at miniature golf, we scarfed down some of my sisters tasty civiche, T even let my little nephew "drive" his truck! (Below is my favorite picture. Look at how happy KB is. T will make an awesome Daddy some day.) Oh! and guess what else we did? Ring Search! Yup, that's right. Who's excited? MEEE!

Well I hope everyone has an excellent week! I foresee mine being pretty hectic so send your love my way so I don't loose my mind!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(Someone wrote this for me on a whiteboard in one of the offices I worked in last year. It is a tad blasphemous but the narcissist in me believes it is 100% true.)

Happy Wednesday Y'all! <--- That was my sad attempt to be southern.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Renovation Madness! Pt 1

This weekend T, my Dad and I did a little DIY Demolition Extravaganza at my parents house. They have these two horrible, space wasting, built-in entertainment centers. We tackled this monstrosity first.

As you can see, it is terribly out of place (in the dining room) and mainly used as storage (note the tons of mail/movie junk in the left corner and the prehistoric TV that we don't even use).

So we started doing this:
And by we I mean T and my Dad. I snapped pictures and hung out with this little guy:

 Please excuse my unmade face *shutter* scaryyy. But I know with this cute little guy  on my arm your probably not looking at me. Notice his look...100% Blue Steel. I foresee him being a ladies man in the future!

What's better than watching your Boyfriend and your Dad bond over manly activities. I love it!

I also love how handy T is. Look at him. He can do woodwork, electrical work and he is pretty easy on the eyes too. He is definitely a keeper. 

After we removed the center we found some water damage. So painting and flooring shall be done another day, once the water problem is tackled. The room (even with the lack of flooring, watery wall and the wacked out paint job) looks so much better!

So what did we do with the remains of the dreaded entertainment center?
Oh the things you can do with an axe and a truck!

I was worried at first. Part of me thought we were going to be putting HUGE holes beyond repair in my parents house but everything went better than planned. And now we have tons of firewood for some bonfire madness! Part 2 will be fixing up the wall, the paint and the floor. Then Part 3 will be taking out entertainment center #2. 

Happy Monday Bloggy Friends! I hope you all have an amazing week!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday 5

As I mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I have found myself getting pretty whiny lately. So while baby Maesie is sleeping I shall participate in Mrs. Gambizzle's Thursday 5. What a great way to focus on the positive in my life!


1. I was interviewed for the Los Angles Times yesterday! A writer is doing a piece on Cal State schools, the budget crisis and the perils of transferring and my school's PIO gave me her number so I could be interviewed. I am going to be in the paper! The writer, Carla, was so nice during our phone interview and she is coming to take my picture for the paper tomorrow. WHO IS ECSTATIC!!?? ME!

2. I am pretty excited to start a new project in my parents house. T and I will be taking out one of my parents large, obnoxious and completely unnecessary entertainment centers. It is one of those built in centers made to fit an old chunky T.V, but they mainly use it as storage (don't worry there will be a post chronicling our DIY adventures). So this weekend we are having a "Destruction Date". We're tearing it out and fixing up the wall and putting new flooring in.

3. I am in LOVE! We have had some rough times. I tend to overreact and he often under-reacts causing some friction but at the end of the day, were hopelessly in love. I loved him before he deployed, I loved him even more while he was gone and I love him even more now than I ever have. Our love for each other grows exponentially every day and after this weekend T and I have truly realized it.

4. My summer classes are finally over! I actually did enjoy my Geography and Child, Family and Community class but I am elated that they are finally over. Now I'm able to relax for two more weeks until Fall Semester starts.

5. After spending tons of time frustrated with my life I realised I was just driving myself crazy! I must say, I have a pretty excellent life. I have a man who loves everything about me. A family who are my best friends and I enjoy every minute with them. I have (future) in-laws who I love and we get along swimmingly. I am fortunate enough to have two amazing jobs, and amazing bosses. And I am thankful I am receiving an top notch education. Those details make me content with my life.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My New Friend, Mr. Doyle

I have a new friend. His name is Doyle and he is 95 years old. Yes, that's right, 95 (He looks AWESOME for 95 by the way, and he is so incredibly cheerful too!). I met him taking Maesie for a walk. (She is the baby girl I watch two days a week. She is 4 months and absolutely perfect, almost as perfect as my nephew, almost...) So Maesie and I are walking around the block 2 weeks ago and we encounter an old man in an electric wheelchair. To make a long story short, I stopped, he stopped and we ended up walking together to the corner lemonade stand. We had a good talk that day. He told me about his wife who just passed away in June. They were married for 73 years! I told him about T, how he was a sailor and how he just came back to Afghanistan. He then told me about his grandson who just came back from a year long tour in Iraq. We had a good chit chat that day and I decided we are going to walk more often.

Today, I stopped by to say hello while I was walking with Maesie. Doyle's face lit up when he saw me. He was so excited I came to visit and his excitement made my day. We couldn't go on a walk because his caretaker had not arrived yet. But we had a good sit and a short chat about school and marriage. He told me he married his wife when he was my age (19) and she was 16. They had some rough moments, but were fortunate to make it all on their own. He told me she was beautiful, and they had the best times together.

I am so very excited to learn more about him. He is the sweetest man and being born in 1915, he has truly seen history happen. Just imagine. I am happy I have made a old and wise friend and I look forward to our visits.

Please excuse my lack of background. I am doing some bloggy changes.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Why I Hate California

There are a plethora of things I can include in this post about my disdain for California. I could write about how marijuana lovers and their quest to legalize the DRUG has taken over every street corner and classroom debate, It drives me CRAZY! "Marijuana is safer that any other substance, even alcohol!"  Okay you low life pot-head, tell me that when you have Schizophrenia 10 years.

Or I can write about how it is IMPOSSIBLE to get into a university in California. I can't get a bachelors degree in Community College, San Diego State, how about you start accepting more than 10% of applicants?

Or I can witch about how much ANYTHING and EVERYTHING costs. $400 dollars to register my car? You jerks.

I COULD talk about all that stuff and more but this post is about something I hate more. TRAFFIC.

Tonight, a Sunday night, at 9pm I was stuck in traffic! I totally understand being stuck in traffic during the morning commute or even on the way to the beach on a nice day, but on a Sunday? Really?! As I am leaving Camp Pendleton, after I spent a wonderful day with T and a few friends, I get stuck in gridlock on the 5. And I literally mean gridlock. I was going about 2 miles per hour for half of my trip. The other half I was going, wait for it, 30 miles per hour. A 45 minute drive took me an OVER AN HOUR AND A HALF!  Just like the very day before the same drive took me TWO HOURS! TWO HOURS ON A SATURDAY?! Where the heck are all these people going?

I would understand if there was maybe an accident or lanes were blocked BUT NOOO this traffic was just due to too many people driving at once. (I have never understood traffic. How can traffic occur if there is no accident or some type of obstruction in the road?) The best thing about my entrapment in the trafficy hell hole I like to call the 5, is that there are no exits the whole drive. If you have ever driven to Camp Pendleton, you know. If you haven't let me paint you a picture. My drive to Camp Pendleton is about 30 miles. 20 of those miles are "nothingness". Just the glorious ocean to one side, and miles and miles of uninhabited Camp Pendleton on the other. So while I was stuck in traffic, I would have LOVED to take side streets home, but I couldn't. I was trapped!

WHY CALIFORNIA!? Please, do something to tame the traffic. I may just buy a motorcycle. There is nobody I envy more than those bikers zipping though the middle of the gridlock. If that was me I'd be laughing manically at the poor people stuck in the car while I'd be whipping up the middle of the lanes.

I had to get this off my chest. Traffic can make people go koo-koo, myself included. On a lighter note. I have been noticing I have been pretty whiny lately. In my real life and on my bloggy blog. So after writing this rant I have decided I am going to be more positive about everything. Power of positive thinking. It will be good stuff!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

I've Got A Case Of The Monday's

First, I must extend a thank you to all you lovely ladies who gave me advice on my last post. Friday at the command BBQ his Chief told us all he would have to do on Monday was come in, talk about the weekend, then everyone will be on their merry way. So with all that free time he was going to fix his truck then come up to my neck of the woods and go out to dinner. WELLLL turns out T ended up working until 1 then when he went to fix his truck, it was far to complicated. (Apparently in 2001 Ford decided to make the spark plugs virtually impossible to reach on their F-150's, so he must take it into the dealership). So no truck means no dinner date. But hopefully the truck will be fixed this week so we can go to dinner and have a good talk about everything.

Now about my Monday. I have had the WORST headache today. I woke up (and by woke up I mean dragged myself out of my bed) and the second I stood upright I felt like someone smashed my head with a hammer. AND I have been feeling this way ALL DAY. This menace in my brain WILL NOT RELENT. It is so bad at some points it makes me want to vomit. What a rude little bugger. Watching "My First Place" with the most annoying and pretentious woman EVER is not helping, and staring at the computer all day probably will not remedy my headache either so I am hoping sleeping will. I am trying to avoid taking medicine but if I still have a headache tomorrow morning I will be popping some pills.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday Tag-AlongAnd on a side note (because I am far to lazy to do a new post) It's TUESDAY TAG ALONG! I love finding new blogs and I especially love it when people find mine. So if you are from TTA I welcome you to browse my blog and leave some bloggy love!And be sure to leave a linky-doo to your blog so I can check it out!