Monday, May 3, 2010

A Heartfelt Homecoming!

It has been over a week since TJ has come home. After a week of being absolutely carefree and now that we are both back to the everyday grind, it is time for our homecoming story!!

TJ's homecoming was amazing in every way. Let's start from the beginning. He was due home late Sunday afternoon at 5:30pm, lo and behold I get a text from TJ's mom that they are due home at 1:30pm. WHAT?? I know right? Are you as shocked as I that they were not late, but EARLY?! SCORE! So I decorate my car and off I go!
(It is hard to see but it says: "204 Days Later, I Finally Get to Kiss My Sailor!")

So at 1:00 I arrive at the Motor Pool where they are set to come home. It was amazing, I was really excited and anxious to be so close to seeing, holding and kissing the love of my life. So I walked around, snapped some pics, then sat my self down in the rows of folding chairs and waited.

While we waited the FRO was awesome. She told us how close they were and gave us updates, and just like clockwork at 1:30 the first bus rolled in.
At this point I start to cry. He is on one of those buses. This is truely happening! The crowd was awesome, people were cheering, laughing, smiling and crying.
And all five buses roll in and the Marines and Sailors begin to file out.
After this point I am crying so hard for many reasons. I was so overwhelmed with emotions I did not even know how to handle them all, so I just cried. This is why there is a lapse in the pictures, I was crying so hard and searching frantically for my baby I couldn't even hold my camera steady. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, and seeing EVERY OTHER wife, girlfriend, mother, father and child find their loved one I finally found mine! (Sadly there is no romantic first kiss picture because I was alone)
 I FINALLY HAVE MY BABY BACK!! But wait there's more. When he arrived and we walked hand in hand to wait for all his gear we walked up to the parking lot to this:
THEIR GEAR WAS ALREADY THERE WAITING FOR THEM!! And wait, even better, no formation or accountability shenanigans. No debriefing. No ceremonies. I got to whisk TJ away within 10 minutes of  his lips reuniting with mine. Needless to say we locked ourselves away from the real world for  a week and enjoyed each others company.
It is absolutely amazing to have him back. And because I know he reads this I have to once again say: Welcome Home Baby!


navywife24 said...

Congrats Dee!! :) I'm so happy for you guys and I must say you look gorgeous in the pics!!

HellcatBetty said...

Awww!! So cute!! You're lucky you didn't have to deal with the shenanigans of a ceremony and you got to whisk him away so quickly! I'm super happy for you, girl... you both look incredibly happy :)

Star Spangled said...

Aw, you guys are adorable! I love these stories. :)