Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cash for College!

I am extremely tired and as of right now my snuggley bed is trying to suck me down into a deep slumber, but I am still awake. Why? Well, to share some exciting news of course. I was informed 2 days ago that I have received a scholarship! I am so excited and touched to think that the scholarship committee feels that I deserve this reward to so I can further  my education. I cannot wait to see who my donors are and how much money I have been granted. This has put a fire back into my educational goals. For lack of better words, college is not really my thing, even though I am quite active on campus and in student government. I have been struggling with what I wanted to do after I received my Associates degree and I was truely leaning towards stopping school all together, but I'm beginning to think it is time to rethink my goals.

In any event, I am incredibly excited for the scholarship ceremony and extremely thankful to Saddleback College and whoever my donor is!

Now I MUST sleep.

Much Love,


Marissa Ann said...

CONGRATS!!! :D That's so awesome!

How did you find out btw? Justin and I were wondering before cause we also both applied.

Delainey said...

They inform you Via E-mail. Erin was telling me that the scholarship system is very backed up so they will be notifying until the week of the ceromony.

Justin said...

Congratulations! That's so great =]