Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tampons, Temecula and Some More Bloggy Love!

 I am obsessed with the new Kotex U commercials, Here, and my personal favie Here. (I would embed them but I can't seem to re-size them accordingly)

These adds are exactly what I was thinking! Why are Tampon adds so obnoxious? I am already forced to buy these things anyway so lay off the dancing, partying and tennis playing in white skirts. It is completely unnecessary, mildly offensive and one hundred percent ridiculous. I must say, whoever is working in advertising at Kotex, good job, because these commercials make me want to purchase Kotex U, just because they call out the other feminine care companies on their B.S

Enough about tampons, and onto our weekend. This weekend was nice and relaxing. TJ and I were planning on just relaxing in Oceanside when hotel after hotel was booked. EVERYTHING from Oceanside, San Diego and even Fallbrook was booked up. Apparently, Comic Con is a big deal and people come from far and wide to go to this convention, and book up all the hotels in a 70 mile radius. So we were pushed into Temecula for our relaxing weekend, which ended up being an excellent choice. We stayed right outside of this lovely place:

Beautiful Old Town Temecula. I love me any old town of any kind. They have so much character, and are so vibrant. They also had the cutest Farmers Market that we explored on Saturday. Being in Temecula further solidified the though I've been having of moving away. I want to move away. I feel like I would be so much happier in a new town, possibly in a new state. TJ says it's because I am ready to move on in my life, and I really think that is it. Unfortunately it is not that easy. Why move away when I would have to move back in a year anyhow? I guess one can dream.

On a lighter note Kelsey at Far from the Safe Harbor has given me an award! It makes me happy to know she was thinking about me when she received the "One Lovely Blog" award, and she was nice enough to pass it on. So I suppose I shall conjure up some facts about me that you don't know already:

One: I take hour long showers because it is the only part of my day where I have complete solitude.

Two: Last night TJ woke up because I was sleeping an odd way. As he peered at me to see how I was sleeping I simultaneously rolled over, opened my eyes and screamed because I thought he had been staring at me all night like a zombie. My screaming scared him so much he pulled the covers over his head to hide. It was quite a bizarre moment, but makes a funny story a day later.

Three: I HATE wearing closed toed shoes, especially sneakers. I feel like a big foot clown and can hardly walk in them. I like my toes free to wiggle around and feel the air.

Four: On Friday I think God saved my life. I was stopped at the intersection, the first car in the far left lane, waiting for the light to turn green. As I waited at the red light I went looking for something in my glove box, when I looked up again my light had turned green but something told me to put the papers back in my glove box before I go. As I take the second to close my glove box a black car comes flying through the intersection and collides with a Cox Communications truck. Both cars fly off each other, and the black car flies into the stopped traffic. Both cars were smashed into unrecognizable parts. If I hadn't taken the extra seconds to close my glove box, I would have been smashed and mangled into pieces. Someone was looking out for me.

That is all I can think about that I haven't stated in previous bloggy love posts. And as I see that many of you lovely ladies have received this award already I shall give this to anyone who has not yet received this fantastic award!

Oh and before I forget! TJ picked up an "Early Promote" on his evaluation Friday. He was all worried about it, but as always it turned out great. I am so very proud of him!


KelseyC said...

Haha that's pretty creepy that you woke up at the same moment he was staring at you, but pretty funny as well. Good for a giggle. :)

And yay for awards!

Reina said...

I love the tampon ads. AMAZING.

Justin said...

Nice blog =]

It is odd, however, because I seem to recall reading a text from you that said "I'll write about your blog in my blog so you can be blog-famous, and so you forgive me for never ever hanging out with you".

Delainey said...

Thanks ladies! And Justin, you know I can't blog about you in the same blog where I discuss tampons. I was respecting your manliness!

Reina said...

Thanks so much for your comment. Let me know if you need somebody to talk to, anytime. :D

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