Friday, July 2, 2010

Patience Is (NOT) My Virtue

 I have been debating on whether to write this post or not, so I am going to write it, and if by the end I feel like not sharing it, I'm going to delete it. Nothing really bad is going on, I am just getting a tad impatient. Teedle and I have been talking about marriage for a LONG time now. We've talked about getting married before he deployed, right when he got back, and a year from now (for a little back story, TJ's best friend in the whole entire world is on a Mission and has one more year left. They would never get married without each other so when we were thinking about getting married before/after deployment it would have been a court wedding, followed by a "real wedding" when his best friend returns in May 2011). Now it is set, were getting married in a year (right when his best friend gets back).

Now you may be asking, so what's the problem here? The problem is, the lack of something silver and shiny on my left hand. STOP! Before you think I'm being completely ridiculous here, don't worry, I think I am being ridiculous too! I think what is really bugging me about this situation is that I am completely out of control. When I want something I make it happen, but this is not exactly that type of situation. Not to mention I HATE surprises. The whole idea of being out of the loop drives me nuts! I know he is going to "officially" propose, he has told me he is going to "officially" propose, we even went and looked at rings! I just don't like the fact that I have to wait. I feel like I need to find one of my books from childhood entitled Patience is a Virtue and read it over and over. I need to stop being so impatient!

Okay,  my rant/venting session is over.


Sara said...

OMG, I went through this exact same thing. Except, we didn't have a date set or anything else. We had gone to look at rings and I even picked one out, but then 2 months passed. Nothing. I HATED waiting. This isn't ridiculous at all, in my opinion. Unfortunately, while I wish I had some grand advice for you, I don't. I basically just waited and waited until he proposed. It sucked. Good luck!

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

Awww hun, thats sucky! I'm sorry!! At least you guys agree on the fact that you want to get married and I know what you mean about being impatient when it comes to getting your ring. My husband and I went to look at rings one day and I found the one I loved. He financed it for me when I wasn't there but didn't propose until 4 months later!! I knew we were gonna get married eventually, but I was just dying to know when! Needless to say, when it comes to love, sometimes ita hard to be patient, lol! Hang in there girl, it will happen when its meant to be! :) Have a great Holiday weekend!!


Hannah'sNavyLove said...

Thanks for your comment and for following. I am following back. :D

A Marines Girl said...

Sweetie, I agree!
Let me tell you what recently happened to me--
my boyfriend told me he was sending me an egagement ring in the mail that was suppose to arrive today! but guess what, he lied to me. Straight out lied to me.
I'm livid. Sorry for talking about myself I can just relate to your situation.
Oh and ps, if you find that book- send me a copy ;)

KelseyC said...

I just started following -- I found you through Brittney at A Day in the Life of a Navy Wife! Can't wait to read more :)

Erin said...

So although I can tell you this on Wednesday when I get back, I wanted to leave me first comment ever on a blog cause I actually have something to add! David and I had been talking about marraige for 5 years! I had friends start getting married, and I though he would never propose! So I became consumed by wanting to be engaged, would talk to him about just getting a "promise" ring. He started feeling overwhelmed. When I finally decided to let it go and just wait, a month later he proposed with my beautiful ring that I love! My point being, we women can stress guys out about the ring. Sometimes it's not even about what it symbolizes we just want it! I can see, by the way he looks at you that he LOVES you majorly! So don't sweat, he will (when he has the money to get you the perfect ring, a ring that is worthy of being on your finger) propose when the time us right. And, don't you deserve the build up and surprise when he actually does it??? I think that's the best part! It was for me; I love telling my proposal story... Don't miss out on that amazing part by planning it out!!!!

Delainey said...

Thanks ladies for such amazing advice! I'll just take a breath and wait it out patiently.