Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let the Aisling Begin!

I just watched documentary on Hulu named American Shopper. I first thought this would be a chronicle of how shopping and supermarkets have changed throughout the years. Boy was I wrong. It is about this sport called Aisling. For the many of you that don't know, Aisling is the art of grocery shopping with style, grace, rhythm and will.

This part documentary, part fiction (I had to do some research, I could not tell if I was watching a mock documentary, or if this was the real deal. I found out the main character, Aisling's inventor Johnathan, is an actor, but everyone else is real. Their passion for Aisling is real, their drive to win is real, and the competition is real.).

After watching this, funny and strangely inspiring documentary, I had the biggest smile on my face. The beginning is weird and at times very awkward (to the point I skipped a few minutes. So much social awkwardness it was making me feel uncomfortable.)  but the fresh, moving and tearful ending made all the awkward moments extremely worth it. Not to mention, who doesn't love people dancing up and down aisles at the grocery store? If your having a lazy day or lounging around looking for something to watch. Pull this up. You'll be emotionally moved and you'll have a good laugh.


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