Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Broke My Promise

Okay- I started writing this on July 20th...

Well, I had a really good cleaning post written for today BUT it just didn't flow right. It needs some refining and some sparkle to it. Unfortunately I do not have the time to make it into the most fabulous post I wanted it to be (as the first post of my new blog style it needs to be perfect!) because I'm in the middle of homework, packing stuff for storage, packing stuff for tomorrow, applying for jobs and looking for houses.

Anyhow, I'm a little bummed but

NOW- So this is when my husband came in and completely distracted me. Needless to say, I didn't finish my post, nor, not until now, had the desire to.

Life has been so crazy lately and is finally settling down.

July 22 was my husbands last day in the Navy, that's right folks, mt husband is officially a FREE MAN!

After this with our new found freedom we went to go see family in St. George, Salt Lake, Washington, Idaho and lastly found our new home in San Francisco.

T started school at the Academy of Art (look at my boy so grown up!)
and is growing what we fondly refer to as the Freedom Beard

Overall life has been good and much different but we are enjoying it as it comes. I hope to get back into blogging soon. Now that I am writing again I have realized that I sure do miss it. 

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Unknown said...

So many exciting things going on, I am so happy for you guys! I told my husband about the freedom beard and he said, "Oh yea, you know that is coming when I get out!" haha Hope all is well!