The Girl

21 years young
Orange County born and bred
Married to my best friend!
Student, wife, friend, sister, daughter, Mormon
Lover of hot chocolate
Hater of surprises 
Reality TV junkie
Liberal (We support our troops too!)
I... Cook. Bake. Sew. Bargain Hunt. Coupon Clip
I never use my blinker (that's how we roll in CA)
I am not too sure how 4 way stops work
I cry over EVERYTHING, like hard water spots on my dishes
I hate a silent house
My heart is huge
I wish people loved other people as much as they love animals
My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving
I feel EXTREMELY awkward around people I don't know
I get hiccups 1 at a time
A purse on the floor means you'll always be poor
Our Amerian flag is out all year long, not just on the 4th of July