Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What an Awesome Weekend

Well I had the best weekend. Just what I needed to get myself out of my slump. First on Friday my friends Gina and Courtney (who I never see because they go to school in Idaho) came over. We first went to the beach. It wasn't really beach weather but we were determined so we headed to Del Mar on Camp Pendleton. My favorite moment happened at the beach. We were walking to the car and saw a guy in a shirt that said "Asains Love it" WELLLL, with Gina being half Asian we HAD to get her to take a pic with him. How did we do this? I went something like this....

Courtney: You need to take a pic with him Gina
Me: Yes dooo itt!!
Gina: I am not going to just go up to him and ask!
Me: Oh I will! Wait I'm nervous. No I am going to do it! (From 40 feet away) Hey, Hey HEYYY!! Come here! My firend is Asian and she wants to take a picture with you!
Random Marine: Haha okay.

It was an embarrassing and awkward moment for all parties involved.

Anyway, we laid out, gossiped, and had an epic water adventure. We basically got raped by the water and LOTSSS of boobs were exposed. Then we went out to dinner, ice-cream, Walmart, Redbox, played the PlayStation moton game thingy and watched a TERRIBLE movie. T said we were EXTREMELY loud all night but that just means we had a good time, right?

Then the next day my best friends from High School basketball came over. We went out to sushi (my favorite food of all time) gossiped (yes, I am a big gossiper, don't judge I know you do it too..) headed to the outlets did some "wishing we had $$ to buy clothes" then headed back to my place for some drinks and homemade ice-cream. It was perfect.

To top it off I went to dinner today (I know, I know, it wasn't the weekend) an old friend from High School Stephanie.

Being able to hang with friends really lifted my spirits. I am thankful to have such great people in my life!


Anonymous said...

friends make the world go round. Songs like a great weekend!

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Brittany Sommer said...

Omg this post made me LOL!