Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting Ready for the Corn!

First I would like to thank all you wonderful ladies that commented on my last post. Your kind words and advice really meant the world to me! I wish you ladies were on the same coast as I! My feelings have been up and down but I am going to ACTIVELY try to make some MilSpouse friends. We will see how that goes...

Anyway, It is Cornfest time again! If you don't know what I am talking about checkout my post last year on it.

Cornfest 2010

I just finished half of my wedding Thank You cards (seriously, did it take everyone else forever to do theirs? I have been dreading doing them from beginning!) for the side of the family that will be there. Now we are about to pack and clean up the house. Right after work tomorrow we (TJ, me, Courtney and Gina) will be making the 6 hour drive to Enterprise, Utah, where the population is approximately 2,000 and there is 1 stoplight in the whole town (yes, that is a true fact) It's always nice to see family, Grandpa Holt's farm, eat LOTS of corn, and marvel at this tiny little town.

I will post pics after we get back!

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Anonymous said...

My Thank-You Cards took me AGES to finish (at least it felt that way!) and I was so glad when I finally finished. Hope you have a great trip!