Sunday, August 21, 2011

HELP.... San Francisco Here We Come!

Okay! Here's the deal. TJ and I are moving to San Francisco next June! That is right, we will be EAS-ing and living a NORMAL life! And by normal I mean, terrifying and unpredictable civilian life. Anyhow, I need anyone's help. Anyone that knows San Francisco.

Where the heck is a good place to live?! We are looking into buying a house (and by house I mean condo/townhome... we cant afford a house, house, then again, are there any house, houses in San Francisco?). I found a few homes we liked (and could afford) in the Bayview-Hunters point area but apparently there is a high crime/ murder rate there! T accused me of trying to move us into the ghetto but trust me, that is the last thing I want to do!

We are also looking outside the city but not too far from it because T's school is smack in the middle of San Francisco. Being from Orange County I am kind of picky about where we live. I want to live somewhere safe and desirable. Sooooo, any suggestions? We are going to visit over Labor Day Weekend but we need a place to begin!

P.S Our day today was exactly like this....

And it was perfect...

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Alana said...

Haha That photo cracks me up! I felt the exact same way this weekend.

Good luck with your move! Sorry, I don't know anything about San Francisco. :/