Friday, August 19, 2011

Excited for School!?

Oh boy! I start classes again next week. I am excited only for the fact that these are the last 3 classes I need before I can teach pre-school! And what is more awesome about that?! The fact that they are all 8 week classes. In 2 months I could start applying for jobs down by my house (for a much needed new job AND commute break). I have never been so excited to start classes at community college! 

As far as Brandman University, I am waiting to see if I can enroll in classes starting in October. Fingers crossed! If I don't get into Brandman I have no clue what my next move will be...

Happy Friday y'all (I never use y'all in real life but when blogging it seems appropriate!)


Anonymous said...

I never use yawl when blogging! Lol only in real life. A lot. Good luck with your endeavors :)

Kelsey said...

I'm excited for school to start next week too! Good luck this semester! xo