Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Okay! Cornfest has come and gone and I have come to the realization that I never want to go back again. BUT before I get into that I would like to update you on my feelings (yawnnn). Seriously though, it wont be that boring I promise. I am feeling so much better!!! I still don't have any friends down here but I am occupying my time with school and I have also picked up a few odd jobs here and there (so I can stop feeling useless). Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that I am pretty darn happy.

So you are probably wondering about the Cornfest. Well, let me just say it was the most miserable weekend of my life. First, we drove the truck in which the AC was broken in. We thought that we would be okay because on the way there we would mostly be traveling at night. The whole ride looked a lot like this...

Except WORSE. The tempature did not decrease as the night wore on, it INCREASED. At one point in was 110 degrees outside. No AC, 110 degree heat, leather seats equals most miserable car ride EVER.

So we get to Enterprise Thursday night and Friday we go straight to work husking, shucking, bagging and freezing corn so we can take home. That wasn't too bad, Courtney, Gina and I had a good time laughing and telling jokes. But I was pretty annoyed that T was ignoring me the whole time. This is what he does when he gets around his cousins and uncle. He completely ignores me and enters this LALA land with them.

Saturday was the actual Cornfest, and this day is stressful in general. Everyone is broken into groups and given tasks in 2 hour rotations. To make a long story short everyone is always mad at each-other at one point or another for "not working". And this year it really got on my nerves. I have come to the conclusion that I don't want to drive 8 hours, spend $200 in gas and work very hard all weekend to be in the midst of drama and to have people mad at me for "not working" and to have my husband TOTALLY ignore me.

On the plus side though, Courtney, Gina and I had a fun time exploring Enterprise, walking across the dam in the pitch black dark, finding cougars (the actual animal, not the man hunting old ladies), and trying to catch crawfish. If Courtney and Gina did not come with me I would have wanted to kill myself.

Once Sunday we rolled around I was quite excited to head home. We ghetto rigged the AC so it could blow semi cold air so we were able to ride with the windows up and in a semi cold car which was awesome. But then about 20 miles outside of Barstow we ended up getting a flat tire. So I wake T up and pull off to the side of the road. We hop out, him to fix the tire and me to keep him company.

 Of course it was 106 degrees outside, so T was a crabby patty the whole time. He pulled the flat tire off the car and threw it. But of course the tire lands tire side up and rolls down a hill. So me in my sandals track down this hill to push the tire back up. Naturally the tire lands in a pricker bush, so my feet and hands are getting cut up while trying to pick up this tire AND to top it off the tire is scalding hot! It was just a terrible experience all around! We were sooo happy to get home!

I am thankful for the tons of corn we now have in our freezer...

and for the corn I brought back for family and friends, but I am dead set on never going again...

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