Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Blog, New Phone & One Happy Delainey!

SOOOO, notice something different about my blog? IT IS COMPLETELY REVAMPED!! Thanks to Brea at Utter Chaos  and her incredible skills my blog is no longer the crazy mess it once was. (Seriously, it gave me a headache, I don't know how you guys read it!)

She is doing custom blog designs FOR FREE!

Yup, you heard me right. It's not a contest or anything. She wants to hone her web design skills so she is taking requests on a first come first serve basis. And she is AMAZING. I could never do all of this to my blog by myself so I am truly grateful.

SO! If you are interested in a blog makeover or just a new header Brea can do it for you. Go and see her! And hurry because she is only taking submissions until the 1st!

Plus her blog is a good read too. She is making through a deployment and she has the two cutest boys ever (next to my nephew of course). Go see her!

And in some other news. I got a I-phone! Well by default. My phone some how broke while I was sleeping so I desperately needed a new one but didn't want to buy one since my plan is up next month. So my best friend Amanda gave me her old I-phone because she just bought the new one. Isn't she the best? The phone is weird and hard to get used to but fun at the same time. AND I can get on internet now (using wifi of course, I definitely don't have the data plan to support anywhere Internet. I would cry if I got that bill in the mail). So you know what Internet means, more blog updates and more tweets!

Yay. Today has been a good day =]

P.S Thank you for all your feedback on my wedding planner struggle. I am definitely  taking everything into account. And for those new followers, WELCOME! If I haven't commented on your blog yet leave me a comment with your url. I would love to read your blogs too!



Kaili Breanne said...

Aww.. Thank you for mentioning me.. I'm so glad you like it. :)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I like it! :D

Angel said...

Wow your new layout is Amazing! So pretty! I am so glad that I found you and am one of your new followers!

Anonymous said...

I love your new layout! It's amazing! I'm jealous about the i-phone :) Enjoy it!

Nicole *Sailor's Sweetheart* said...

Girl, looooooving the new layout!!

Gris said...

Cute layout out. I got in contact with her and she's going to be making me a design to. =)

Just wanted to come by and say that I left you a award. Go check out my blog.

Anonymous said...

Your blog looks super cute!


arshad said...

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