Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spirit Quest

My mom and I talk all day long via e-mail when we are at work. Even though we see each other all the time it is so lovely to talk to her throughout the day. It leaves me very happy. Today our conversation started out (like usual) talking about how our days are going.

Today my mom told me,

"I am determined to make today a great day."

To that I responded,

"Heck yes! You are so positive Mom I know you will be able to make it into an awesome day!"

Then she says this, 

"God keeps me going and has changed my life.  If it was not because of HIS love, kindness, patience and mercy; I would be a hot mess."

I had to stop and really think about this because it is so true and I do not give God enough credit for keeping me sane (trust me, if you were inside my mind you would wonder how I am able to keep it together. It's crazy in there!) Today my Mom turned a light bulb on in my head. I am not buddies with God like I used to be. I want to be able start talking to him like I used to. So I think I am going on a Spirit Quest. I know, it sounds like some cheesy camp activity but I am certain it will lead me somewhere in the right direction. (Just like that episode of Huge where they went on the Spirit Quest to really find who they are. Everyone was opposed but everyone walked away with an invaluable lesson. Anyone watching Huge? Anyone?) Anyhow. I do not know if I necessarily believe if there is one true church out there and that you have to be apart of it to make it into the pearly gates. But one thing I do believe is that God is up there. Watching, listing, encouraging and loving all of us.

I am officially on a quest to find the Spirit. I am on the quest to find my best friend... God

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Anonymous said...

Good for you :) I think so many of us are desperately in need of a "Spirit Quest", we just don't always realize it. Your mom sounds like a really smart woman :) God is always there for us, even when it doesn't feel like it. So, sometimes just remember to stop and listen for His voice, He'll be there :)