Friday, October 15, 2010

Xbox convo, Birthday Present & My Best Friend!

Anyone care to know how T and my Xbox (text) conversation went?

T: Hey babe, instead of gambling at the Ball can I buy a Xbox?

Me: (Thinking, OMG not another gaming system, that is the last thing he needs to be wasting money on)  How much are they?

T: Like $120

Me: What! $120? (At this point I am thinking he is lying to me to gain leverage in the Xbox debate, so I look up how much Xboxes cost) Babe, I find that very hard to believe.

T: Well, I would buy it used.

Me: (Very proud of him for NOT buying something brand new and grossly overpriced) Okay, knock yourself out. Do you have the money for it?

T: Yes

Me: Okie Dokie. Thanks for consulting with me.

T: That's because I'm in Love.

WHAT A SWEETIE PIE! Even though he bought a gaming system he was nice enough to ask me about it. And to top it off tonight at the Navy Ball (that I am not going and secretly, I am rather happy I am not going) he is not going to gamble. So overall the outcome to this Xbox crisis is positive.

Today at work my Boss gave me my belated birthday present. I know I promised not to talk about my birthday again until next year but I must tell you about it! It is soo cute! It is this silver stamped necklace with 2 pendants. One has a D on it and the other had a T on it, my first and last initial. AND she pointed out when I get married and change my last name that the necklace could stand for Delainey and Troy.  


I work with such amazing people.

Now, Since it is Friday I am off to wreak havoc on the town with this amazing lady!
(after I take a nap of course)

(Stolen from her facebook for some reason we have no good pictures of just us)

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Anonymous said...

That worked out great with the xbox! I'm glad for you :) and you should post a picture of the necklace! It sounds cute! :)