Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well, T has been back from the field for a few days so he can teach a class. So we had the chance to spend a little time together and I feel slightly bad for being a beeotch for half of last night. I get into these moods where I have NO patience for anything, so needless to say we got into a little tiff on our way to dinner (and during the beginning of dinner which I am sure was awkward for our poor waitress and the people around us). BUT I apologized for my lameness and we ended the night on a great note (complete with doughnuts and orange juice) (P.S Joe's Crab Shack is so good!! Their crab buckets are so amazing they will resolve any tension in your relationship, trust me). So now T is off to 29 for a little more time then he will be back home. Yay! He is planning a picnic at our favorite spot in Laguna Beach after his return. Kudos to him for thinking about something that cute!

So since he is now gone (again) I think today I am just going to veg out in my parent's bed (it is so big and comfy, I refuse to move) maybe I might even do some homework and clean my car. We will see if that actually happens ha. OR since our weather has returned back to the normal beautiful, sunny 75 degree weather I know and love, I may take a ride on my beach cruiser. it even matters what I MIGHT do because I will inevitably write about what I ACTUALLY  end up doing.

Sorry for this scatterbrained post I just thought I'd write something so you all know I am still alive and kickinh. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

P.S For all those lovely new followers I received this past week: Thanks for finding my blog!! Be sure you leave a comment with your blog URL I'd love to check out your blogs and follow too!



Brea said...

I'm one of your new followers. :)

Just a Girl said...

I LOVE Joe's Crab Shack. Too bad the Lt. hates seafood =(