Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Great California Shakeout

Today we had a statewide earthquake drill that the state deemed "The Great California Shakeout". It was so goofy. At 10:21am all the intercoms and speakers on our phones turned on and started saying earthquake type things. 

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I don't really remember what it was saying because I was laughing so hard. Erin (HI ERIN!) made me get under my desk while she stood, watched and critiqued me on my "duck and cover" technique. While I was under my desk I learned a few things about my impending survival in a major earthquake:

1. I seriously have 80 wires and chords plugged into power strips under my desk. If there was a major earthquake I am certain they would all catch fire and I would die a fiery death under my desk or I would be impaled by a falling object on my escape.

2. Our floors NEVER get vacuumed. After I got out from laying on my belly I had hair ALL OVER my sweater. Luckily it was mine, but still, it was nasty. I am pulling out the vacuum tomorrow and cleaning it up.

3. We have 3 days worth of disaster food in our office. I never knew that. I  knew we had 2 MRE's because they are sitting blatantly in our kitchen (by kitchen I mean a microwave, a stack of plates and salt and pepper shakers). So if I were to escape the fiery doom under my desk AND I manage not to get hit by any falling object. I would be able to live for 3 days until I got rescued.

4. California is getting really intense with their earthquake drills. We were mandated in school to do these super elaborate earthquake drills that took half the day. We had medics there and people FAKED being injured. Then others would have to go and find them and call over the medic for help while the rest of the students evacuated. Then we would stand out on the field and do accountability crap and sit in the sun to pretend the world was ending. Now were doing statewide drills? What is next? We do another statewide drill where we all are forced to evacuate to neighboring states? I wouldn't mind. I would go to Utah and see some family (HI TROY!). So what is next California?

Definitely the most interesting part of my day.

Tomorrow is Friday, who is excited??!!

Happy early weekend folks!

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Just a Girl said...

I totally remember those school earthquake drills! Then when I moved to Idaho I was so confused when I didn't have to duck and cover under my desk. lol