Sunday, October 24, 2010

He (finally) Put A Ring On It!!

I know all you ladies are DYING to know how the proposal happened. So here it goes! This weekend T and I stayed at this local place close to my house. On Friday he told me he had to go to work for "some Habitat of Humanity thing in San Juan". I thought it was pretty lame that he had to work in the morning and we couldn't sleep in together but he promised it wouldn't take long. When Saturday morning came and he woke up and left early and promised he will be back soon. Naturally I went back to sleep, but woke up about an hour later, turned on the TV and lazily watched until I could muster up the energy to get up. Not too long after T was back. I was super surprised he was back so early. When I asked him why it went to fast he said, "I got down there and it was canceled".

Well how freaking rude, they could have gave him a call and we could have slept in, but hey, it's the military, what can we expect? I got ready and he told me that were going on a cruise in the car, so cruising we went. We ended up cruising to this little beach we used to go to all the time when we first started dating, Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach. It was overcast, but he wanted to walk around anyway.

 (Crescent Bay, taken Summer of 2009 when we first started dating)

We got down to the beach and there was only 3 other people there. (One thing we always loved about Crescent Bay was that there is one of the most underpopulated beaches in Laguna, and when the tide is low you can climb the rocks to a totally secluded beach. One time we found a baby Seal there and made friends with the little guy.) We were walking around, joking, searching for more baby seals and then he started saying that he was excited for me to become his wife.

(OOOOO, he's excited for me to be his wifey!!... That was me thinking inside my head)

Then he started telling me what his favorite thing about me was.

T: I love that you put everyone in front of yourself, you are so selfless and I love you.

He rarely ever puts his feelings into words like this so it made me feel extremely special. We kissed, hugged and there was a small pause. A silence. Then he pulled a box out of his pocket, dropped on one knee, then I screamed and jumped up and down saying REALLY? REALLY??!. He opened the box and there it was!!

 (It's a tad blurry in the box, but that is what it looked like when he was on one knee)

So freaking beautiful! He never did say "Will you marry me" but hey, obviously the ring implies the phrase. Then I bent over and kissed him and asked if I could put it on, and the deed was done!!

We were engaged! We took a moment to make out on the beach and cry (I totally found out my new mascara is definitely NOT waterproof) and hug. We walked up to the car all gitty and started talking about everything.

Rewind to Saturday morning. Remember how he told me he had to work? Well, he lied. He went to breakfast with my Dad to ask for his blessing (Mad props right? My dad was totally impressed) and he wanted to show my Dad the ring to make sure it was good enough for me.

(Of course my Dad thought it was perfect for me! And so do I! I don't know all the specs on it but I do know the center diamond it 1.25 carats)

He also told me that he has had the ring since my birthday but was waiting to talk to my Dad before he proposed and it was hard to set up a date because my dad was out of town then T was in the field. So he finally got the chance to ask the morning of. How wonderful?! So all excited we called T's mom then we drove to my house to show my family and later that night my parents took us to a congratulatory dinner at Lucille's.

 (It is love!)


Anonymous said...

That is such a great story! Thank you for sharing it :) I love the ring, it is beautiful, and you guys make a great looking couple! Congratulations again!!! :)

Just a Girl said...

I love proposal stories! I love the ring and how he asked you! So cute. Congrats!!!

Kaili Breanne said...

That's so sweet! Congratulations, again!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I bet you are super excited!! Love the proposal story!

Nicole *Sailor's Sweetheart* said...

Ahhh yay LOVED the story! Girl, you definitely had me crying, especially that he went to meet your dad to ask him! So sweet! So so so so happy for you!! :) (and seriously, I said this before, but your ring is GORGEOUS!)

Steph said...

That's so sweet! And you ring is absolutely gorgeous.

Reina said...

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL RING! :) and a great story!!!