Monday, November 1, 2010

HAPPY NOVEMBER! & A Halloween Update

Happy November everyone!

I am extremely excited because two of my favorite things happen in November.

1. Thanksgiving!! My favorite holiday, ever! I love all the food and family and games ANDDD I am super happy that T and I finally get to spend our first Thanksgiving together.

2. BLACK FRIDAY!! I live for Black Friday! My sister and I wake up at 4am, we have a game plan and we stick to it. We are those people who race others to the good deals and maybe even knock over a baby in the process (HEY! It is the parent's fault! Who brings a baby to Black Friday?). This year T will be exposed to the madness. But don't worry I already checked with him, he is ready to knock over some babies too.

Just for a little update. Halloween was pretty awesome. It actually isn't one of my favorite things. I grew up not celebrating.  I actually did not go trick-or-treating until I was 16 (I was sneaky, I told my mom I was just going to hang out with my friends Bree and Tom but we went out instead) It was fun but I have come to realize it is overrated.


After Mandatory Fun Day on Friday (seriously, these freaking fun days are killing me! We left much later than we wanted because T had to show his face. There was a very good haunted house there though, and free cotton candy! My absolute favorite!) T, myself and 4 other friends went to spend the weekend at this Amazing place:
 Courtesy of wikitravel

Six Flags! They do a scary Halloween thing at night that I kind of hated but all the roller coasters during the day were so much fun! 

Because we didn't want to make the 2 hour drive (or with Cedillo's freaking scary driving an hour and a half) back home. We stayed at this trashtastic place:

 Courtesy of allgetaways

Seriously, we pulled up to this place and thought "Wow this is promising" and our thoughts were solidified when walking to our room we saw a stained mattress in the hallway. To top it off Ferger was sure there was some paranormal activity going on and one night I woke up to people stomping and yelling up and down the hallways at 3am!

Then on Sunday I got back early enough to go with my sister and nephew trick-or-treating. He was the cutest little Sheriff and he got the hang of grabbing the candy himself. (Sooo cute!)

Look at my freaking cute nephew and my beautiful sister!  

That was pretty much my weekend. All in all tons of fun but extremely exhausting. I am glad to be back at home. Laying in my bed and catching up on my blogs!

Love you all!


Kaili Breanne said...

I'm with you on the "Fun Days".. The last one we went to, they had no shade for the families and it was the middle of June.. It was SO hot that the boys started getting sick.

I'm glad you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend! I'm super jealous that you got to go to Six Flags!

Nicole *Sailor's Sweetheart* said...

I'm glad you had a fun weekend, paranormal activity and all! I have never shopped Black Friday but I know I need to at least once, for the experience! And, your nephew is beyond adorable!!