Monday, November 22, 2010

Men in Diapers AND an Award!

Why am I not in bed? Well to blog of course! This will probably lead to me skipping spinning for the 9th morning in a row.... (don't judge! 6am is EARLY!)

Anyhow. I have a ton to blog about. First off, this weekend was not exactly the most productive (ie, no wedding planning, homework doing, room cleaning or packing took place BUT I did study, yay me) but it was still pretty fun. On Friday I helped TJ and his buddies move stuff into their new apartment, we played scrabble and I cooked dinner and by cooked I mean bought a Stoffers lasagna and put it in the oven.

(On a side note it is looking like T is not going to pick up rank this month... booo...we just found out yesterday only 23% picked up so its looking like guys who have been HN's  for 3 years are ranking up... ie, not T... which means no place for us in December, unless a miracle happens)

OKAY! Back on track. Friday night we all kind of fell asleep in random places around the house then Saturday I woke up EARLYYYY to take a test in Stats, which I am positive I aced. Then Billy, KC, and T picked me up so we can go to the Oakley family and friends sale which we actually didn't go until Sunday but I'll spare the deets, they are not that interesting. Saturday night was one of T's roommates birthday's so everyone bought a cake, Spongebob pinata, and diapers

What were the diapers for? Well, watch at your own risk.

(I didn't know the video was private so I changed it for your viewing pleasure!)

Mark ended up locking himself into his room and jumping out of his window to avoid the diaper madness. He was actually pretty pissed and didn't return until an hour later. We all thought it was funny though and that's all that matters.

Then today we actually went to the Oakley sale, spent too much money, then we sat around and watched the Harry Potter movies, which I have never seen. They are quite interesting.

Now for the second order of business. I won another award! I have been really bad about reposing them so I am going to get back on track! The lovely Brea at Utterly Chaotic  left me this beauty:

Now let me share a little about me =]

1. Wedding Planning is starting to get on my nerves. I know I should love every minute of it but it is too stressful.

2. I am SUPER excited for Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday EVER. AND my family will be meeting ALL of T's  family in St. George.

3. I stopped drinking Coffee and Tea so T would stop playing video games around me and drinking Mountain Dew. So far, he has broken our bet, but I have held up my end of the bargain.

5. When I don't get my way I get extremely upset, like how a toddler gets upset. BUT I NEVER ask for anything so on the extraordinary occasion that I do ask for something, it would be nice if it actually happened.

6. I like watching movies or TV with the light on.

7. T and I are debating whether we should buy a new F150 or a new Explorer after the wedding. I REALLLLLY want the Explorer but either way I am driving the new car =].

Now I want to pass the award to:

YAY! I look forward to reading your random factss!


Anonymous said...

Awwwhh, thank you!

I would love a new car and I am a big fan of SUV's, they are spacious, you can but your grocery's in the back (you can't in a truck, they move too much or get nasty) and you can drive around a lot of people. Good luck with the car shopping!

Anonymous said...

Aww! Thank you so much! I'll post about it soon, I promise :)

I'm sorry the planning is getting stressful :(