Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Sweet, and Humorous Words of Encouragement

I was invited to a Shoe Party tonight. A sister of this gal from church owns this shoe business and is throwing a shoe party down in my neck of the woods tonight. (ps, I checked out her shoes and they are soooo stinkin cute! You can check them out at Twigg Shoes). I was telling my husband that I really want to go, branch out, and actually hangout with someone other than him (I love him so much but I am in dire need of female friends), but I don't want to go because I am scared of being with people I don't know. I feel like I have become very socially awkward and putting myself out there really terrifies me.

So my husband told me this...

"I think you should go. I go and play basketball every day at the gym and when I get there I am literally the only white guy. Nobody ever wants me on their team because they automatically assume I am terrible. I can see the disappointment on their face when I am put on their team. They even call me the B word! It is so awkward and I end up having to prove myself, and show them that I can actually play. But I go to the gym because I love to play ball and I wont let people stop me. If I can get over the awkwardness of being the only white guy at the gym, you will be totally fine at the shoe party. I don't think you are socially awkward. You are great! People love you, they think you are nice and fun and you will be there with people you already somewhat know. Go, you'll be fine."

One, I possibly laughed my face off when he told me that gym story. I just think of my big, 6'4 husband, like a little kid on a playground which nobody wants to play with. He is such a goof.

Two, he really eased my anxiety about going. I am going to go and have a good time tonight! It is about time that I branch out and make some friends.

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