Monday, February 13, 2012

My Silly Husband

My silly husband has this veryyyyyy obnoxious habit. When I talk to him most of the time he almost never answers. Then I ask him again, all sassy like, and he gets all sassy back telling me he has already answered me. Well after a little investigating and talking to T I learned that he actually does answer me, but in his head. How weird! When he answers me in his head, he thinks that he is actually answering me out loud.

Does anyone elses husbands do this?! haha


Mrs. B.A.T said...

That is actually kinda cute, but I think I do that to my husband. I think it's because he should already know the answers to my questions some times and I guess just needs a verbal confirmation.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA i do this too...i just assume people can read my mind. it's definitely annoying for the other person

Justin said...

Sometimes I mutter to myself when answering the girlfriend, and I expect her to understand me.