Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Are Boys So Mean?

I didn't go to work today because I woke up and my face was HUGEEE. I am having an allergic reaction to SOMETHING but I have no clue what. I cannot get an appointment with the doctor for today so I am testing out the Doctor Chat thingy the NH does.

Anyway, T said the meanest thing yesterday. I was trying to get him to thank me for making him dinner (I get home 3 hours later than he does and I ALWAYS make dinner. In the 3 hours that he is home before me he plays basketball and then plays on the computer. He RARELY helps around the house or with ANYTHING for that matter) so I say:

"Your welcome for dinner"
 and he says
"Your welcome for BAH"

WOWWWWW, so rude! He really knows how to push my buttons and I am pretty sure he does it on purpose. He purposely tries to push my buttons because he thinks it's funny but it makes me feel unappreciated.

On a side note, if it wasn't for me and my salary we would have NOTHING is our savings account.

Every time I talk to him about how these things make me feel he just laughs like it doesn't matter. I am so annoyed, and hurt, and sad. I am sick and tired that he thinks everything is a joke and I am sick of him taking me for granted.

I am boycotting everything until he stops being such a douche bag.

The End.


FemminaDaVinci said...

I feel your pain. My darling husband RARELY helps out around the house, and plays the BAH card all the time... Thankfully in my case, my husband is only and E-4 (until he makes enough points) so I kindly remind him that if it wasnt for him being married to ME, he wouldnt have the BAH either. lol.

We try and have certain responsibilities. He does the trash because well, it's gross, lol. I do the chores during the week because he works longer hours than me, but on the weekend he has to help out. Maybe you can each have an assigned chore, so it doesnt feel like you're doing everything?

Gris said...

That is mean. I would smack my Fiance is he ever said that. We both work, so the money is ours. I don't think stuff like that should be said.

I hope he starts to clean more, or starts to appreciate that you cook dinner for him. He is lucky, you cook dinner.