Saturday, April 16, 2011

V-Blog Fail!

I am ssoooo sad! I made a video blog yesterday showing all you lovely followers T & I's house (and by house I mean apartment). BUTTT our video camera was on HD mode, not standard. What does this mean? WELLLL, the file was so freaking huge I wasn't able to upload it! Not on Youtube, not on blogger or anything. I was so sad. And to top it off I left work early to wait for the ATT U-Verse tech to install our DVR. Instead of coming anytime between 1p-3p they showed up at 5. 5!

On the bright side. I got to spend the rest of my Friday night with GinaJuneee and Courtney before they go back to Idaho for school. We ate some good food, laughed so hard my abs were in pain, got my butt kicked by Just Dance, and drank some TASTYYY Boba at Lollicup.

Now I am trying to STOP procrastinating and actually write my paper. I probably should have started writing it more than a day before the due date. But what can you do?

Love you all!

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Mrs. Monkey said...

If you run the video through whatever standard video editing program came on your computer, you should have the option to export it at a smaller size.