Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday's Odds and Ends

Friday night!! It is raining so hard I can't even hear the TV (maybe I should close the window but I am far too lazy to getup) so I figured now would be the opportune time to blog a little. My moods are beginning to level out which is a really good sign! I am still blue, but I feel like I am getting a little better.

My BFFFE Courtney came over and we cooked some Hake Scampi and mixed veggies. Soooo yummy! We walked to the local coffee shop, got creeped on a Domino's delivery guy, I almost got hit by a car (apparently walking down a median is quite dangerous), found a video WORSE than Rebecca Black's (watch if you dare!)

Then we watched "Eat Pray Love" and I must say. I was soooo disappointed. WE WERE BOTH disappointed. We actually had fallen asleep. The biggest waste of 2 hours. I do think the book could be pretty good though. The movie just couldn't really develop any storyline fully so it was as bland as white rice.But I must say, James Franco was a tasty treat to look at! AND allegedly an old friend from high school's sorority sister made out with him while he was UCSB for the premier of "Your Highness"  (totally trashy, girly gossip, but omg JEALOUS MUCH?)

Anyhow. This was a good Friday. I am really going to miss Courtney when she goes back to school.

Happy weekend everyone!

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♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

I didn't really like that movie either! the previews made it look so good, but I was disappointed! :(