Friday, April 29, 2011


Because I am home alone with my nephew (he's asleep now) I have had time to do some Facebook stalking. While I have been creeping on some people I knew, or VERY VAGUELY knew, from high school I have seen an overwhelming pattern. EVERYONE HAS HAD/ IS HAVING A KID!!

I guess condoms, or birth control, or marriage is not a big deal to anyone who went to my High School.

I/ we graduated in 2008, I think popping out babies a year or two after graduation had become a trendy thing. I personally don't get it. YOU ARE 20 YEARS OLD! Live your life a little before having a kid. Or at least make a conscientious effort to deter pregnancy(which maybe they were, who knows, but the number of girls with babies makes me question).

I don't know. Maybe I am being Judgy McJudgerson but I am starting to feel like babies are the new accessory among my fellow '08 Grads.


(Hope nobody takes offense. I am all for people exercising their right to procreate, but I do think your teens/ early twenties is too early to have a child, especially when the average life expectancy is 78.7 years. T and I both can wait a few more years before we start a family. There is too much stuff in the world that we haven't explored yet!)


Mrs G said...

Amen! I'm right on board with you there. C and I are definitely waiting several years before we even start thinking about starting a family.

I personally feel no one should start a marriage with a baby, because as soon as that baby is born, the whole focus shifts, and you can't spend the early years of your marriage bonding with each other, on a higher level. I'm content to just be with him, and we'll talk babies later :)

Manda said...

I was 19 when I had my son, 21 when I had my daughter. I've never regretted it and its never affected our relationship. To each his own, its an adjustment no matter what age or how long you've been with someone. For my husband and I we wanted our kids young so that we had the energy and desire to do things with them. :-) Now, if someone is still in the partying stage then no, they definitely shouldn't be having children.

Gris said...

I'm class of '03, and everyone has kids, not just 1, they have 2 or 3I know a girl that has 5. Yeah we are a little older, makes us 25,26,27. I'm 26, and don't have a kid, when we first tried I was 23, but I lost the baby, and we haven't tried, so when I see these teens, or 19,20,21 yr olds having kids like nothing, it kind of bugs me, and more when they don't even take care of them. Do I feel old, not really, or left behind because I don't have kids, not really. I know one day I will have a kid. Ugh yeah sorry this is a story. Lol.

Jessica said...

I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I graduated in 08 as well and I did the same facebook stalking yesterday and realized that almost everyone is pregnant or already had a baby. Yes, I'm married at 21. But I think that's completely different from just having a baby at 21. I am excited to have a baby in a few years though :)

FemminaDaVinci said...

I'm 25, and I still think I'm too young to have kids. lol. My mom had me when she was 28, and I think I may possible be ready by then. he he

K. Syrah said...

I judge too though. I'm 24 and childless... my husband is a decade older and also childless. And definitely by choice! We wan to get our PhD's before we settle down to children, not to mention the fact that he and I are also deploying (him to Iraq, me to A-Stan) and it just doesn't make sense.

At 20, I thought that kids could "raise themselves" and they were "no big deal". Now that I'm 24 and having seen the kids raised by most young, young people, I know better.