Friday, April 22, 2011

V-Blog Friday!

I finally got this to work!! My Video blog from last week =] Mrs. Monkey at A Monkey in the Navy gave me some advice and encouraged me to fiddle with it, and it WORKSS!

P.S I am up this early because I was working out! Yay me!


Gris said...

I started laughing when you said "Don't you try to rob me" I like the mirrors. I don't know if you have Annas Linens over there, but over here they sell some huge mirrors, for about $50 - $60.You have a really nice place.

FemminaDaVinci said...

Love the mini mirrors in the dinning room. Super cute idea!

Abigail said...

Love your picture wall! and i looked up "my jeans" and laughed hysterically.. i dont know if she or rebecca black is worse!! haha