Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's YOUR Song Linkup

Linkup time at Goodnight Moon! I think I didn't linkup last week (I have no idea, I can't keep my days straight anymore) so here I am blogging at 1am. I decided I didn't have enough stuff to work on so I bought a hideous dresser today that I am fixing up. I want to be able to put clothes in it tomorrow hence why I am up late, working like a mad woman (but in true Delainey fashion I have decided to procrastinate a tad and blog).

Sorry, my mind is kind of all over the place. As for the song! My boss posted this on her wall yesterday and I was dying! It is the epitome of Orange County and LA. It makes me laugh so hard because I LOVE Whole Foods. If I could afford to shop there I would (and if there was one near this dreaded city!).


Amanda said...

OMG- this made me laugh!! Too funny!

Nicole Marie said...

This is great!

Yea, I can't afford Whole Foods either. But I completely understand the frustration of parking lots out here in Cali. I can't stand drivers out here. Every parking lot I go to is chaotic! It's ridiculous.

Lauren said...

Haha omg my husband was playing this song over and over again yesterday. Thanks for the laugh :-)

Mrs. H said...

I'll have to play that for my husband when he gets home. I love Whole Foods :)

chambanachik said...