Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party!

So I still feel like poop today. Monday it was the chills, Tuesday it was the chills and the sweats, and today it's just the sweats. It's totally gross. I cannot stop sweating. I think it is my body trying to get rid of whatever I have. And to top it off, my throat hurts so bad I cannot eat or drink anything. (Hopefully I can loose a few pounds!)

Anyway, let's talk about my bridal shower and bachelorette party! Both were such a blasty blast. My shower was a hat and glove tea party at my beautiful Spanish teacher's house (she's so amazing, when I told her I was getting married she automatically said she was going to throw my shower) and it was absolutely beautiful! So here's the pics:

 The beautiful tea party

 The tiny tophats my sissy and I made
Mine is gold =]

 Of course they are making fun of me

 The lovely Sara and our amazing server Justin

 Lovely ladies around the table

 The Beautiful party hosts!

 Yours truly

 Brent, another amazing server, decided to sport a hat too

 My beautiful friends!

 My cake! It was sooo yummy!

 My spanish teacher in the middle and my mommy on the right
P.S I def look preggo in this pic but I am not, promise

 Just a sneak peak of my gifts! Ooh La La

The whole party!

After is was bachelorette party time! I only have a few pics because the night got a little bit CRAZYYY. We went to this amazing sushi place downtown and finished up the party at my house (T was off doing his bachelor party).

Ready for a night on the town! 

 All of us ladies at Miso Harney sushi (haha, get it)

 Stephanie & Karla

 Rocio and my sissy Ashley

P.S I am going to be catching up and commenting on all your blogs today. I haven't been on blogspot actively at all lately, too much stuff is happening!


Whity Wife said...

such a cute party! We are hosting a brunch for a friend of ours that eloped a few weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

wow!! looks like you had a ton of fun!! :)

Justin said...

It was a lot of fun. Thanks again for the invite, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

P.S. That server in the blue vest: super handsome.

Nicole *Sailor's Sweetheart* said...

So much fun! Glad you had such a great shower and bachelorette party!! Loved the hats! :)

Anonymous said...

That sushi place is awesome! I don't care for sushi, but I really like their drinks. The strawberry lemon drop was really good. :-)

Looks like you had a great time!