Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well folks, we are officially 2 weeks away from our big day! Things have been pretty crazy around here but surprisingly I am still calm. Part of me feels like I should be freaking out because much needs to be accomplished but I am not, so that is either a good or bad sign.

Our apartment is looking like a crafters nightmare. There are fabric scraps EVERYWHERE. Hot glue is on about every surface, including my hands, which I have been burning the crap out of! Pictures, cardstock, ribbon, my wedding planning book and guest list are all lying in various places, all places where they don't belong. It's a wedding war zone in here! It's crazy but like it. It's keeping me busy and all this finally feels real.

I think once our guest list was solidified (which was literally 30 minutes ago, seriously, getting people to RSVP was like pulling teeth) it hit me. 123 people will be with us celebrating OUR WEDDING!

GAH! This is nuts. Okay, I need to get back to crafting. I just wanted to drop in and share an update with everyone. And I have yet to catch up on all your blogs so bear with me! I will soon, promise <3


Nicole *Sailor's Sweetheart* said...

Yaaay! :)

FemminaDaVinci said...

Yay!! it's soooooo close! I bet you're beyond excited!! We eloped, so I never got to go through the whole excited about the big day. I bet it's going to be magical. Can't wait for you to post pictures!

I left your pretty self an award on my page :)