Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Oh boy! It has been so busy around here. T is officially on Leave and yesterday I was excited to have an extra hand around the house and we did some serious cleaning. Most notably we cleaned our closet. It was a crazy mess! I should have taken a before pic (but I'd be too ashamed to post it anyway) there was stuff all over the place, mostly the floor. You seriously couldn't even walk through it! So with a little hard work, 2 hands, 4 hours and a trash bag filled for the Goodwill our closet looks like this:

Yay!!! So why are we cleaning so much? T's family is coming into town today! They will be staying in their condo by the warf and T's best friend will be staying with us so our house needs to be in tip top shape!

Now it's beautiful from head to toe =].

Before they come in this afternoon I am going to finish our table numbers and maybe start the seating chart. We are getting so close!! 4 days!



Happiness Is A Mood said...

Doesn't a clean house just make you FEEL better! :)

Anonymous said...

hey girl!! tonight's your night! :) i posted a blog directed personally to you. it's short but to the point. check it out when you get the chance, and have fun tonight!! :)