Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Updates!

Gris at A Little Piece Of My World has reminded me that I haven't talked about my wedding in a long time. I guess everything has been falling into place so I am not really stressing about it. No Stress=Not On My Mind.

But since we are officially only 38 days away, here's whats up (picture style, in chronological order)!

Here are our invites, made by yours truly =]

Front & Back

 I am debating on whether I want to take our pre-wedding bridal party photos at San Clemente Pier, where there is a really nice grassy area that looks over the beach and pier (I searched long and hard and couldn't find a pic of it, so here's the best one I could find)

ORRR, the Town Green at my parents house
Courtesy of

I am gearing towards the beach because it is California, in the summer! The Beach is so beautiful, and oh soo Californian! I need your help ladies! What do you think?

We are getting married here, The Rancho San Clemente Tennis Club

The handsome groomsmen will be wearing tux's (I think it'll be really nice to break the military attire, after all, it's all I ever see. AND my lovely will look SMOKIN' in a tux) similar to this but with purple vests & ties.

Courtesy of Men's Warehouse

Bridesmaids will be wearing this in purple

Courtesy of David's Bridal

I will be wearing...JUST KIDDING!! That is a surprise =]

For ceremony decor I will be making these "flower balls" to hang off the chairs

We also are getting married under a Gazebo that is going to be draped in tulle, with those pomanders hanging inside it. I also was thinking about doing some design with the flower pedals up the aisle. Something like this,

Courtesy of A Perfect Day

But I feel like it is too structured and "posh" for my outdoor, country-esq wedding. Hmm.. there will be more thinking on that one.

My daddy (who is also my officiant!) will be walking me down the aisle to this song

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Our reception will be at the same place. I already blogged about the yum, yumms so check that out here.

We will also be having a candy bar. My mom's friend, who is an amazing wedding planner (and helping me with our wedding here and there) is doing our candy bar. Here is an example of one she did at a kid's birthday. Obviously ours will be a tad different.


My lovely Mother in Law will be doing our centerpieces. What we talked about doing is so hard to describe but I assure you they will be beautiful!  It will include flowers, pictures of us, and possibly a few small candles.

And the last thing that can really be planned is our first dance song, which will be to this

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After that we will be dancing the night away! I am so excited. The only thing's I have left to work on is all the DIY stuff I will be doing, like the pomanders & bouquets/boutineers.  I also need to make an agenda for the day, as well as a ceremony script. Oh! And I have to make sure everyone RSVP's because apparently, people don't think that is necessary. 

So that's the wedding update!! I hope you enjoyed!


Anonymous said...

It's going to be beautiful! If it wasn't so out of the way I'd suggest Laguna Beach for your photos. Its so beautiful and the water looks almost turquoise. But definitely do beach pics!

Ashley D. said...

Sounds like everything is falling into place for you! What a beautiful location! I love your invites, the bridesmaids dresses, and a candy bar! Yum! That will be delicious! I hope everything goes accordingly so you can fully enjoy your big day! :)

Nicole Marie said...

It all sounds amazing! I wish I could relive my wedding over and over. I told my husband, I am ready to renew my vows (I have yet to married for a year) because I want to plan another ceremony. LOL.

Whity Wife said...

it sounds like a perfect wedding! You have done a wonderful job! You have no need to stress with how wonderful this is, great job- Congrats!

Gris said...

Thanks for sharing.

Everything looks really nice. Your invitations came out really nice.

I wish my cousin would lets us wear bridesmaid dresses like those, the ones she wants are just eeww. Lol.

Anonymous said...

It sounds amazingly beautiful!! I am so excited for you, and I can't wait to see the pictures afterwards!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

this is so exciting!! i can't wait to see pictures from the wedding. you should have someone film your first dance and post it! i also love the candy bar idea. i work at a hotel in MV so we have wedding receptions here, too. i didn't realize how many weddings do the candy bar! :) can't wait to read more posts!

Jeanna said...

Hey girl! Your wedding is going to be GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see pictures :)...Where did you get your invites done at? I would LOVE to do picture invitations!!

Delainey said...

THanks ladies! We are super excited!

Jenna, I did my invites online at Vista Print. It was so easy and inexpensive. I paid like $160 for 200 invites, envelopes, address lables and rush shipping! Definately look into it!

Jeanna said...

Thank you so much!!!

Nate and Jacque Holt said...

I don't think i now i'm making it official. I will be there :) and super excited. just a warning, Jaxson might out dance you guys that night...just saying!

Delainey said...

Thanks Jacque! Can't wait to see you guys! And little Jaxson dancing it up. =]