Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time Flies When You're In Love

Today is T and I's 2 year anniversary! We were talking about it yesterday and T asked,

"What has it been? 2 years? That's crazy"

Totally crazy because it feels like just yesterday when I met my now future husband. My previous relationship had just ended, and I definitely was not looking for anything serious, just someone to hang with. He was a sooo cute but I was sure I wasn't his type and turns out he thought I was out of his league. I think because we were so sure that neither of us liked one another we were just being ourselves when we hug out.

At first it was a little rocky. TJ has an interesting personality. He will call something as he sees it and he wasn't so nice about it. But I ended up liking it and him. For the next 2 weeks we were inseparable. We did everything from San Diego up to LA. 

One of the moments I look back on that makes me laugh is one night T, me and a bunch of friends all went camping together. We took a walk alone and started talking about his impending deployment. I told him,

" I think I can be in love with you"

and he says, "I think I can be in love with you too"

Then I ask, "What is going to happen to us when you deploy?"

He says something along the lines that we will still be together, just he would be over there and I'd be over here. "Then when I come back we will get married"

At that point I was like WHATTTT we cannot be rushing into stuff like that. We will have to see how everything goes when you come back before we can even go there. But while he was gone we realized we were really meant for each other. And here we are today, about to have our wedding in 30 days!

It seriously seems like all this happened yesterday. I miss the excitement of our dating days but I am excited for all our adventures as a married couple. Time really does fly when you're in love!

P.S I was planning on posting pics but Blogger is being stupid as usual!

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Anonymous said...

awww! I'm happy for you! :) Time truly does fly. In a couple months then it'll be 3 years since I started dating the hubby! I've known him for almost exactly 3 years this week too! :)