Monday, May 9, 2011

So Much Good Food!

On Saturday T and I (and my Dad, Mom & Sissy)  did our cake and food tastings. Oh boy was it delish! We did 2 cake tastings. One at Donna B's Bakery and the second at It's All About The Cake. They were both SOOO good! It was a hard choice but we decided to go with Donna B's. The owner, Donna, (imagine that!) was so nice and her cakes were DELISH!

Our cake will be Chocolate Tiramisu & (of course my absolute favorite of ALL TIME) Red Velvet w/ Strawberries & Cream Cheese frosting.

Then after being filled with so much good cake we caught the itis (when you become all lethargic after eating) and took a nap at my parents house. Then a few hours later it was time for a tasting at our wedding venue and let me tell you the food was all extremely tasty. I seriously could not stop eating, I was picking of T's and my mom's plate.

After a meeting with the Chef and the catering manager our wedding menu is all set.

Now are you curious?

Guests (and hopefully us, apparently everyone is telling us they didn't even get a chance to eat at their wedding... weird) will be having:

Bruchetta (during cocktail hour)
Tossed Salad
Grilled Salmon w/ Creamy Dill Sauce
Sirloin Steak w/ Peppercorn Sauce
Zuchinni & Squash Medley
Roasted Potatoes

Yummy! I am so excited just to eat the food all over again. Speaking of food, now I am starving and so is T so off to the kitchen I go.

Love you all!


kirstieJayy said...

Good Morning :)
i see you have left me comments - THANK YOU :) proves that someone reads the crap i write! :)

and if you wouldnt mind, i would LOVE for you to guest blog for me! :) you will be the first! ;)

and again, i would love for you to design my blog background layout thing. [i am not very technologically inclined, hence why i dont know how to do it!]
and as ive said before- i have the attention span of a newt! :)

Anyways, back to the reason im posting.... you have made me hungry!!
your cake/cuisine tasting sounds so awesome :)

and dont worry, im always sleeping! like seriously!

Have a Wonderful Day,

Emma @ She Got Married said...

I found you on 20sb! Officially a new follower! Happy planning !: )

Whity Wife said...

how fun! the menu sounds great!

Everyone told us the same thing- which was why I didn't care what we got. However, because everyone said this, and because we had an awesome bridal party (most of whom) had been married recently, they made sure we ate. Hubby scarfed it down as he was staring, I was too excited to eat, they all forced me to eat- but i don't even remember what we had!

Lauren said...

That food sounds amazinggg! Enjoy it!

Mrs. J said...

Hey just sending back some love!!! corpsman girls unite!!!