Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mustache? And Other Randoms

Okay, first let me acknowledge (idk why I haven't already, I was so excited when it happened) that I have 100 followers!! AHH, I never thought I would be anywhere near this point when I started and I am so happy I can share my life with you wonderful people!

Alright, so this is what I was going to talk about...

That is a hair Mustache(Not to be confused with Justin's amazing Mustache)... Today I was talking (and, of course, making the Mustache) to my friend Erin and she said I make the Mustache a lot. And I realized. OMG I do make the Mustache all the time. Just like above. It is like a nervous tick. For example, I made it while I was picking the starch for my reception dinner (that was a tough choice) and I was making it today when I was talking to Erin (I forget what it was about, but it was something deep haha).

So I cannot wait to cut my hair off so I am unable to make the hair Mustache. Because subconsciously doing it in public is getting embarrassing.

P.S Funniest convo just happened...

Aunt Jacque: (who is only a couple years older than T, and pregnant): "You and Delainey should have a Honeymoon baby, then our baby, Matt's (T's cousin, whose wife is preggo) baby, and your baby can all be best friends."

T: "Okay, you should name your baby Truck and I'll name mine Bed and when they play together people can say, Look! There goes Truck Bed."

Jacque: "Umm, maybe it's good that you guys aren't having a baby."

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Nate and Jacque Holt said...

I'm glad you kept track of that conversation because nate and I were trying to remember what name T was thinking of when we told Cory that story...now I remember it was even worse than I remembered haha! jk