Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Update

This week has been super crazy. TJ was gone in the field and I was forced to sleep in our big freaking bed alone. I went up to my parents for 2 days, so it was much less lonely and we were able to do A LOT of wedding planning. Plus it was super nice to hang with my Sissy and Mommy, oh and let's not forget KB. I didn't see my Dad much because he works nights (boo, I could never do that!). I also got to hang with my BFFFE (best friend for freaking ever) Courtney. I think it might be time for a high school pic:

 Eeek we were so young! I think we were Juniors in HS
And I know what you are thinking, and yes, we ARE on a boat =]
A sailboat, but a boat nonetheless. 

Courtney goes to school in Idaho so I am without her for most of the year, but now is her off track so shes back in the hometown! We have so much fun together and we definitely have some great tandem bike & creeper van stories (more on that another time). Anyhow, Courtney came over Thursday night and T was able to come home too! So we had a little sleepover. I am so thankful T lets me still have sleepovers! 

On Friday I worked my normal half day (more like a 3/4 day) and I got word that they were sending T BACK to the field. It pretty much ruined my day but after a ton of back and fourth between Senior Chiefs and Lt. Colonels T had to go but was sent back home to be on standby status. Luckily he was not called in and we were able to have a nice weekend at home (well most of which was spent at the neighbors).

Now since I slacked most of this week I have my wedding invites, scholarship apps and a big freaking paper to finish writing. We will see how this all goes. Let's hope I can keep my sanity.

(OMG I am watching Dog Bounty Hunter as I blog and an I amazed at how White Trash these people are. Like whats with the mullett Dog? And Big Titts, would it kill you to wear more clothes? A miniskirt and a American Flag tank top that your titties don't fit in is not appropriate. Not to mention a disgrace to the American Flag.)

Hope you all have a wonderful week. I promise I will blog about some exciting stuff soon =]

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