Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sex Toys

You heard me. SEX TOYS. Us military wives, fiances, girlfriends all have an arsenal of fun thing to keep us occupied while our men are away. Or even fun things to celebrate their return. This doesn't even have to be toys per se. It is anything from massage lotions, to outfits, to fun gag gifts.

(It's about to get personal beware!!) I personally do not have any TOYS but I do have a slew of cute (cough.. SKANKYY... cough) outfits tucked away in my closet.

Okay, so why the HECK am I inadvertently talking about my sex life?


T and I have started our own business. Delainey's Delights (that's right it's named after me!) selling Adult Pleasures on-line. We want to satisfy your sweet tooth AND bring some spice into your life!

I think what is really exciting about this business venture is the fact that it is home grown (just us, working together and keeping it in the family) and although we are still getting things off the ground we strive to make every one of our customers happy.

So enough pimping out our business. Check it out if you are interested and if you now think I am a total creep (especially to my new followers) that's okay too =].


Gris said...

I might sound like a creep right now lol. I was looking at the condoms, and I don't see the ones we use, and over here for some reason we didn't find them, we had to get some other ones, and I hated them, so if you know where I can get some Trojan I don't know the name of them, lol well something like twisted I just know the box is green. Let me know. Lol.

Delainey said...

HAHAA I don't think your a creep at all!! Is it Trojan Twisted Pleasure? We have some of those on our site but they do not come in a green box. It's an orange box with a green label. Check it out:

If those are not it I'll keep searching for you!

Melissa Fenerci said...

Wow! I'd have never guessed! hahaha
Good for you guys though. :)

Adult Sex Toys said...

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