Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I LOVE My Brita Filter

I LOVEEEE me some linkups. So when I saw Brittany at Mrs. Yellow Ribbon has a linky-loo show and tell on her page, I jumped on that like kids on pinata candy.

ANYWAY, this week we have to share something we cannot live without. I know this is going to make me sound like an old lady BUT I cannot live without my Brita Filter.

I LOVE water. T drinks tons of juice (seriously, he goes through about 6 gallons a week of juice, T's food intake in general is amazing and disgusting at the same time) but when I want something to quench my thirst it is water I crave. And I cannot drink just from the tap (in California our water is EXTREMELY hard and nasty) so  I would drink lots of bottled water, but that's super expensive AND terrible for the environment. This pretty little thing was a perfect solution to the problem and I am not sure how I lived without it before.


Anonymous said...

CA water is the WORST!!! Can you really tell a difference with the Brita? We had one at one point but I never used it.

Delainey said...

I love our Brita Filter!! I can taste the difference but I am not too sure if it's all psychological haha