Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Don't You Know About Me Already?

Justin tells me that I inspired him to become an ultra blogger BUT he was disappointed in me because I virtually stopped blogging. According to him I am about 284 blogs behind. So here I am blogging again to appease him!

Well the lovely Jeanna at The Longer the Wait, the Sweeter the Kiss (a fellow 20 year old, planning her wedding) was kind enough to give me an award! I was given this award in the past but would be fun to write 7 MORE things about myself (as if I don't talk about myself enough!)

1. T starts his first official college course tomorrow, and were taking it together! Astronomy. The fact that he is thinking about life after the Military and that he is getting a jump start on his schooling makes me VERY excited. Plus, it will be nice to have a live-in study buddy!

2. Call me selfish but I (and T) don't want children for a while (3-4 years or so?). Although I love children and would love to have TONS of them (5 or 6) I want to enjoy my young years, and enjoy life with my husband (wow, first time typing that... surreal) before bringing kids into the picture. Our children will be around for the rest of our lives, so why rush it right?

3. When I was younger I ALWAYS wanted a pet (like a puppy or something) but all I got was a hamster. Now what I am older, I really don't like the thought of having a pet. And I secretly wish (oops, now the secretes out) that all the energy that is spent on animal rights is redirected towards human rights. Then the World will be on a path to find an end to all the suffering.

4. I am nervous to leave my hometown and move to Oceanside (although I am SUPERRR excited to move in with T). Granted, it's only 45 minutes away from my hometown, it is still a different city and county. I think what I will miss the most though is living 5 minutes away from my job.

5. I tell myself I will go to bed early every night but I NEVER do! I go to sleep right around 12am and wake up at 6:30am all tired and grumpy. Maybe I should get off blogspot and get my butt to bed... hmmmm

6. I am getting married in 163 days!

7. I really want to learn a skill with my hands.So I want to learn how to sew. I was enrolled in a sewing class for this semester but I ended up dropping it to free up some time in my busy schedule. I may take it next fall OR I may just teach myself!

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Justin said...

1) Thank you (yet again) for the plug. I'm sure my views will quadruple like they did last time.

2) I'm really glad you blogged. I've had a migraine the last couple days, and I the only thing I can attribute it to is withdraws from your blogs.

3) I liked these fun facts.

4 The end.

I Am a Marine's Girl said...

Thank you for the award!!! :) :) I loved those facts about you, and I totally agree about waiting for children. It needs to just be you two for a while, you need to enjoy each other and get to know one another :)
I can't believe your wedding is soooo close!!! How is the planning going?? You're gonna post dress pics right??