Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Vacation pt, 3 It's Already Over

Well, I am sitting in bed dreading going back to work and starting another semester tomorrow. I am also sitting here thinking, is my 3 week vacation REALLY over?! It is amazing how time flies by. It honestly scares the crap out of me though. Before I know it T and I will be getting older and and spending most of our time chasing our kids around (not that there is anything wrong with that, but I [and T] want to be able to enjoy being young [one of the many reasons we don't want to have kids right away] and I fear all my young years will go by in a blink).

Anyway, I am excited to close 2010 and enter 2011 (I know, I know. I am a few days late haha). There are many new exciting adventures I and T and I will embark on. Now that I am back home and the "fairytale is over" as T would say, and I sadly have to get back to reality. BUT not all of it is too bad. I will be packing up my room in my parents house VERYY soon and moving to Oceanside with T. AHHHH!

I am excited our lives are moving forward. I already know a few things the New Year has in store for us (Apartment, Wedding, Deployment [boo]) but let's see what else it throws our way!

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